10 Things to Know Before Buying A Yellow Sapphire

10 Things to Know Before Buying A Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphires are growing increasingly popular because of their eye-catching hues and boldness as a gemstone. The perfect choice for a statement necklace, a beautiful bracelet, or the centrepiece of an engagement ring, yellow sapphires are a fabulous gemstone for many reasons.

At Jason Ree, we are in love with all that sapphires represent: beautiful colours, long-lasting durability, and their ability to tell a story within their stone. Read on to discover the ten things to know before buying a yellow sapphire.

Yellow Sapphires come in Many Shades

There are so many different shades to a yellow sapphire, not one gemstone will be truly identical to another. From vibrant sunshine yellow to a more mustard tone, to the ethereal pale yellow that’s growing in popularity, there’s truly no end to the hues you can choose from. 

In terms of value, the brighter and purer the yellow colour, the more valuable a stone is, so keep this in mind when purchasing. Of course, if it is an engagement ring, or a gift for a significant other, make sure to find a shade that you both love - after all, it’ll be with you both for a lifetime to come.

The Yellow in Sapphires is made from Iron

As with all sapphires, yellow sapphires are mostly made up of the mineral corundum. However, they get their beautiful shades of yellow from trace elements of iron in the main mineral! The higher the amount of iron found, the richer the colour. 

The colour of the sapphire can be enhanced by either natural or synthetic resources. The earth can enhance the yellow colour through low-level radiation, or labs can synthetically induce irradiation to create a richer hue. At Jason Ree, we do not sell yellow sapphires with any synthetic treatments.

The Clarity on the Gemstone Matters

When looking at a gemstone for a piece of jewellery or engagement ring, you want to make sure that the stone has clarity. Yellow sapphires can have excellent clarity, with the most excellent grade being “Flawless”. This means that to the naked eye, it’s completely clear, with no damage or marks.

Yellow sapphires are actually renowned for having very high clarity, and it tends to have fewer inclusions than other gemstones.

Yellow Sapphires are Found All Over the World

Yellow sapphires can be found all over the world, and originate in countries like Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tanzania, and Madagascar. The country of origin of yellow sapphires does not affect price, but it might be important to you to know where they are sourced from as well as the ethical practices. 

At Jason Ree, we pride ourselves on sourcing only Australian sapphires, and as a company, we focus solely on ethical sourcing.

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The Cut on Yellow Sapphires Makes Them Sparkle

Just like the clarity, the cut on a yellow sapphire is really important if you’re looking for a gemstone that sparkles in the light. The cut refers to the facets on the surface of the gemstone, so the more of these present in a stone, the more it’ll catch the light. 

There are many types of cut to choose from, with the most popular being oval, round, or cushion. However, emerald cut is also a spectacular choice for a sapphire. In truth, it’s entirely up to you what cut to get: so look around and identify what stands out. 

Yellow Sapphires are Very Durable

Just like all sapphires, yellow sapphires are incredibly durable stones. 

They’re second in hardness only to a diamond, which means you’ll have many years of wear with minimal damage to the stone. This makes it an excellent choice for a piece of jewellery you’ll wear every day, like an engagement ring or signature necklace. 

Yellow Sapphires are Incredibly Rare

While you can technically find yellow sapphires all over the world, they’re still an incredibly rare gemstone due to their unique colour. This is especially true when comparing to a more commonly found sapphire colour, like blue. 

This makes them highly valuable, particularly when compared to other, more common gemstones. 

Yellow Sapphires are a Beautiful, Cheaper Gemstone to a Yellow Diamond

A yellow diamond is a heavily sought-after stone, with a price tag to match. Yellow sapphires can look incredibly similar to that of a yellow diamond, but are much better value, with just as much longevity and near-toughness. 

It’s certainly a beautiful gemstone in its own right, but for those looking for a more cost-effective gemstone, this is the perfect choice. 

Yellow Sapphires Work with Most Metals

Whether you’re more warm-toned or cool-toned, yellow sapphires are a perfect choice for most metals. Choose from yellow gold, white gold, silver, or platinum, and watch how the beautiful yellow gemstone radiates colour and shine. 

Yellow Sapphires Hold Special Meaning

Sapphires hold great meaning, with wealth and wisdom a common association. They’re typically also a promise of love and fidelity, making it a great choice for an engagement ring. In Vedic Astrology, a yellow sapphire also means good luck and good energy, which we think is a beautiful association too!

Just like sunshine, yellow sapphires are a beautiful, joyous stone, that radiates positivity for the wearer. It’s a great gift in a necklace or bracelet, and a beautiful centre stone for an engagement ring, due to all its hidden and associated meanings. 

At Jason Ree, we love working with all kinds of yellow sapphires, from the bright and bold to the more pale sunshine yellow. Browse through our yellow sapphire collection online, or book a conversation with Jason Ree to design your perfect piece.