The Bespoke Experience The Bespoke Experience

The Bespoke Experience

A Collaboration Between Emotion and Art

Having the opportunity to work with our customers to craft and capture the passion, sentiment and love within a bespoke piece of jewellery is something we cherish here at Jason Ree.

The Jason Ree experience is a creative collaboration between emotion and art. As Emotional Distillers and Treasure-smiths, we work to draw out your passion and immortalise it in an heirloom fit for generations to come.

The Conversation

Designing your bespoke piece of jewellery begins with a consultation to lay out the groundwork of the design and gather an understanding of who we are creating for.

We hear your story and explore what we want to capture in your bespoke piece of jewellery. We delve into your ideal design and hone in on the desired stone type/shape/size/colour to work out any other finer details.

We Are Committed to Creating Bespoke Jewellery That Lasts You a Lifetime.

Every bespoke piece tells a story and is unique to you. Each jewel represents an emotion - a moment in time comes to life. All of our unique creations are hand crafted in-store with unbridled love, unparalleled quality and the unrivalled ingenuity & expertise exclusive to our design experience.

Gem Selection

Each stone has been specially selected by us for its vibrant colour, optimum quality and cut.

We have a huge range of rare and wonderful diamonds, sapphires, opals and other gemstones in store, and can source anything from the classic beauties to fancy shapes and colours.

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The Design Process

Initial design sketches: We draft some initial sketches to capture the finer design points and visualise the design from every angle, with the opportunity to alter and redesign if it looks different on paper to what it does in your mind.

Reviewing your final design: Once we have settled on a design and stone, we will send you a final quote outlining all of the details for your confirmation.

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Hand Crafting

Meticulous care is taken with each part of the piece, using ancient and modern techniques combined to create the strongest, most beautiful handmade jewellery piece we can in Australia.

Crafting an heirloom is a joyous experience for us, and to share the feeling we take photos to put in an online portfolio that we gift to you once you have seen the ring.

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Australian Sapphires

We specialise in Australian Sapphires. They have a lot of personality and we love this gemstone for its tale of discovery and its incredible price point.They come in a huge variety of intense colours and vivid hues including white, pink, yellow, orange, purple and green – no two are the same. Their alluring colour, brilliance and individuality make for the perfect engagement ring. Like all sapphires, Australian Sapphires have unmatched durability, with a hardness rating of 9 on the Moh scale making them the second hardest natural substance after diamonds.

Complimentary Services


Discover More About the Art of Mokume Gane

We offer a range of services for yourselves and your new piece, including:

- Inscription Engraving
- Lifetime Cleaning & checking the safety of your gems
-  Resizing for one year * design allowing
- Insurance Valuation