A Guide to Our Australian Sapphire Engagement Rings Collection

A Guide to Our Australian Sapphire Jewellery Collection
Everything in this world has been altered by time, broken down and rebuilt a thousand times over. One particularly incredible result of this are the precious commodities we call gemstones.
Today we’ll be talking about our favourites, Sapphires. In particular, a deep focus on how to navigate and guide our extensive Australian Sapphire Engagement Ring collection. 
Scientists believe most sapphires started forming 150 million years ago, condensed in igneous rock deposits being superheated and crushed in the molten lifeblood of our planet. Now, what's left are some of the strongest and most breathtaking gems available, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve made with them:
A natural phenomenon like no other, Riverina's are areas where rivers spread into wide floodplains, bringing life and water to transform a landscape and provide for all walks of life.
This piece invokes this, a place of beauty and life, the dark blue of the sapphire and the earthy rose gold meeting alongside shining diamond boulders to create something truly special. This is by far one of our favourite classic and sleek Sapphire engagement ring designs. 
A river delta is the site where green freshwater flows into blue seawater, where the conditions are perfect for feeding frenzies, attracting sea life from kilometres around, and the most amazing natural spectacles can be witnessed.
The teal shades of this Sapphire flow channel these two worlds flowing over a bed of rose gold and creating a truly bespoke and memorable Sapphire engagement piece.
Unlike the blended colours of previous pieces, Grace is a sharp and crystalline design that invokes the refreshing atmosphere of a mountain peak or a winter forest.
The Asscher Sapphire cut stands out from our circular designs, and is not heated, she was born from fire and that’s all she needed. Pair this piece with a white wedding dress and make some bespoke memories.
Beloved by humans for over 400 years, Iris flowers are associated with wisdom and courage, and have found applications as ingredients in medicinal and fragrance products.
This engagement ring takes that deep blue Iris colour, and all the emotions found within, to a new level. A simple-yet-stunning design that sits perfectly on the finger of any bride to be, as deep as the sea and strong as marriage.
A part of our signature Highwire collection, this piece combines our national colours of Green and Gold in a piece that is well and truly Australian.
The green sapphire is Australian sourced and invokes the untameable bush, while the gold band reminds us of our anthem; “We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil”. Pair this piece with your favourite green dress for a statement outfit that is as green and gold as the Socceroos.
This piece is one of our more unique ring designs, using angular cuts to create a pentagonal sapphire piece flanked by diamonds and a gold band. As valuable as its legendary namesake, this piece is for the couple who dares to be themselves and to bet it all on love.
The deep teal Sapphire is a winning combination with your favourite outfit for a night out or as a bespoke engagement ring.
The name of this piece carries a powerful namesake, Neptune is the planet furthest from Earth within our Solar System, and looks to be a world covered in storms and seas.
This deep dark Sapphire is orbited by two diamond moons, with a golden band of sunlight curving around the edges, bearing all the beauty of a full size celestial body. Perfect for a partner that is simply out of this world.
Toi Et Moi
This gorgeous and colourful piece is perfect for the couple that proves opposites attract each other. Part ruby, part sapphire, bound by diamonds and gold, it would be near impossible for your special someone to say no to this.
Seal your love with this piece, one of our favourite Sapphire designs, or pair it with a colourful outfit to show you aren’t afraid to fly your true colours.
We hope you can find a piece to seal your love eternally at Jason Ree. All our ingredients are Australian sourced and all our designs are handmade with love in the heart of Sydney. Book your design conversation today.