A Guide To Our Bespoke Mokume-Gane Combinations

A Guide To Our Bespoke Mokume-Gane Combinations

Mokume Gane is as Bespoke as Jewellery comes, and is a specialty practice of our artisan Jewellers at Jason Ree.

Dating back centuries to medieval Japan, Mokume Jewellery is defined by using extreme heat and pressure to melt and blend different coloured metals into stunning combinations that make each piece bear completely unique patterns and details compared to the rest.

Jason is a lover of Australian native flora, and as such he has named each of our unique Mokume colour combinations after Australian trees.

If you're looking for a deeply unique and special addition to your jewellery collection, get to know our Mokume-Gane combinations more by reading below (we promise by the end you will fall almost more in love with them then we are)!

                                               Gumtree collection


The gumtree is iconic Australian Flora, with many species and variations spread across the climates of our continent. In the temperate southeast, one of the most common species is the Blue Gum, the floral emblem of Tasmania.

Jason chose to replicate its patterns with Rose gold, Argentium Silver and precious Palladium, combining earthy reds with ethereal greys. Bear the beauty of Bluegum with our original Lapel Pins or our beautiful Mokume Diamond Ring.

Snow gum

Another Eastern Gumtree he loves is the Snow Gum, which calls the snowy mountains of NSW and ACT home. Only growing above 700m in cold areas, the snow gum goes hand in hand with Winter and thereby winter aesthetics. To replicate its pale patterns Jason used Yellow gold, Argentium Silver and Palladium for a sun bleached, wintry colour scheme. Complete your winter outfit with our Stud Earrings or Mokume Diamond Earrings.

Ghost Gum

Moving west, the earth begins to dry and redden. Now we find ourselves in the outback, where the incredible Ghost Gum stands in contrast, like a pale bone against red meat. These trees are unique to Central Australia, and are key to the survival of every living thing in that harsh environment. To replicate the pale aura of this tree, 935 silver and 500 palladium were blended to create a ghostly aura like no other. Our signature ghost gum piece is our Mokume Lapel Pin.

Scribbly Gum

A distant cousin of the Ghost Gum, if you live in Sydney you will be familiar with the iconic Scribbly Gum. This tree can be found across NSW but particularly in Sydney. Interestingly, the scribbles that make it so famous are not the tree alone, but moth larvae burrowing through the layers of bark. For this design, Jason blends White Gold, 935 Silver and Palladium for a cold but beautiful pattern. Wear this signature Mokume style with Cufflinks or stunning Diamond Earrings.

                                           Native Flora Collection

Tea Tree

Its not only Gum Trees that inspire Jason when he looks for his next piece. Australian Flora as a whole is enough of an inspiration for our master designer. The Tea Tree plant is now world renowned as a natural medicine suited for antibacterial and disinfectant applications. It's gorgeous flowers, leaves and seed pods create a colour palette that Jason has replicated with Argentium Silver, Palladium and Green Gold. Show off the Tea Tree style with our ‘Little Planet’ Mokume Studs.

 Iron Bark

A more dramatic native flora is the Iron Bark tree, which is technically part of the Eucalyptus family. This tree is known for its dark, furrowed bark, which dies and accumulates, unlike peeling gumtrees. The sap bears medicinal properties and the timber is an excellent red hardwood used in furniture. To replicate the blackish red palette of the Iron Bark, Jason uses a bold-yet-simple blend of Rose Gold and Palladium. We offer both Iron Bark Cufflinks and our original Mokume Diamond ring.


Now we move into the North of Australia, especially arid West Queensland, where you will find the Gidgee tree. A part of the Acacia family, the Gidgee has earned fame for its use in Bush Tucker. The tree secretes a thick yellow sap named ‘Gidgee Gum’, which is used as a sweetener in native meals. Jason chose to mirror the blend of yellow, earthy reds and grey with Yellow Gold, Rose Gold and Palladium. Our signature Gidgee style is unique in the form of Mokume Gane Cufflinks.


As mentioned, the Acacia is a family of trees, but for the signature Acacia style, Jason chose the most common Australian variation, commonly known as the Wattle. It’s spread across the Oceania region, but many Australian backyards find themselves buried in yellow wattle powder in Spring. For this style, Jason chose a mix of Palladium and Green Gold, you can wear the wattle gold with our Mokume Stud Earrings.


Play with these beautiful colour combinations and design your own by checking our our Mokume-Gane site here. 

Explore the natural diversity of Australia and the bespoke wonder of Mokume Gane exclusively with Jason Ree Design. Book your design conversation today.