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Bespoke Jewellery Experience: Special moments, Special rings

Bespoke Jewellery Experience - Jason Ree Design

Memories and experiences are, more than anything, intensely personal.

When shared with someone you love, they become more special than ever.

To be able to work with customers to create something as personal, distinctive and unique as a bespoke ring is, according to Jason Ree, "a privilege".

Bespoke means one-off, one of a kind. In the case of bespoke rings, it's an emotional commitment made tangible and ever-lasting, for any occasion.

The process is a shared journey between Jason and the customer, whether a couple or an individual. It starts with a conversation, about the emotional threads they seek to recreate. 

Often as much a journey of discovery for the customer as for Jason, it unlocks the essence of the relationships, commitments and memories to be transformed into the ring.

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That some customers are unsure about how to share these very personal stories is handled by simply listening, with Jason asking questions, and capturing and distilling the emotional cues into notes and sketches. 


See how Emma, a customer with Jason Ree, encapsulated 25 years of marriage and 50 years by the beach into a stunning Australian sapphire ring.

At the start, there are no assumptions about stones, precious metals, size or scale. Only once the customer's story has been captured does Jason start the process of transforming it into early concepts, and ultimately a final design.

"This is the stage I love," says Jason. "Being able to interpret what people have said into something that can be worn on a finger is an amazing process. Reflecting a tiny nuance of someone's life - of how important wattle, or the feel of sand on a beach, is to a couple's lives, or to be able to create a ring based on the structure of a bird's feather - is what creating a bespoke ring is really all about. 

"It transforms the ring from being one of many, to one of a kind."

Bespoke Australian Sapphire and Diamond Ring from Jason Reebespoke sapphire engagement ring

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A ring that is bespoke cannot be seen until it's completed, something Jason is very careful about. 

"We always allow the customer enough time to consider the designs we create for them. This is after all the most-personal, and probably the most poignant, decision they will make. We never start work until they are happy.

"As a bespoke piece of jewellery, as unique as the person it's being designed for, we tailor every aspect of the ring to the wishes of the customer. Once we've captured the emotional context for the ring, and agreed the design concept, the details around stones, settings and scale, can be considered and chosen," explains Jason. "And it's so important, and so special, to make these choices in this way, at this stage. 

"To choose a sapphire as the signature stone, for example, knowing its significance to a life or a set of memories, lifts that choice to a new level."


Sapphire Engagement Ring Australia


A bespoke ring embodies many facets of the person it's for. How it sits on the finger. The wearer's hair colour and eye colour. How the ring will look from different angles, and not just from above. 

And being bespoke, the ring can make a statement that is subtle or bold. A bespoke ring means defining and commemorating a shared moment with someone, not choosing a ring from a selection.

It's reflecting what someone means, not choosing a stone.

It's about celebrating life, memories and experiences.