Cosmic Cloud Selection

Cosmic Cloud Selection
The Wreath Nebula is located about 1,000 light-years away within our Milky Way in the Perseus molecular cloud complex, near the boundary with the constellation of Taurus and glows with mesmerising light.
 Wreath captures this ephemeral beauty with a 1.63ct Certified Australian Sapphire surrounded by a cluster of natural coloured Sapphires and Diamonds.
Polaris is truly cosmic, capturing the eerie beauty of the Polaris Nebula, a section of nebulosity of the North Star Polaris. The Polaris Nebula consists of fine dust particles illuminated by reflecting light from the entire Milky Way Galaxy. 
Our very own Polaris features a stunning colour-change 2.27ct white oval-cut Sapphire surrounded by diamonds and sapphires and a ‘SuperNova’ setting.
The Cassiopeia Nebula is located 550 light-years away and glows with a stunningly magical and vivid light. Also known as the ghost of Cassiopeia, this Nebula is shaped by radiation from a nearby star, Gamma Cassiopeia.

Our Cassiopeia reflects and captures the supernatural beauty of the cosmos with a 1.48ct Oval-cut colour change Purple Sapphire and Platinum bezel surrounded by a halo of pastel Sapphires and Diamonds.