Custom Jewellery in Australia

Custom Jewellery in Australia

Custom jewellery is equally timeless as it is sentimental. Working with a jeweller to create a unique piece of jewellery that perfectly captures the wearer’s individual wants and needs is an unforgettable experience for both the gifter and the receiver. If you are thinking about investing in a custom-made piece of Australian jewellery, Jason Ree specialises in unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of unparalleled quality and unrivalled expertise. 

In this guide, we will answer all of your questions on the value of custom jewellery and why it makes the perfect Australian-made gift.

What is custom jewellery?

Custom jewellery (also know as bespoke jewellery) usually refers to a range of one-of-a-kind pieces where they have been designed from scratch, and the design is used only once. People who invest in custom-made jewellery know that their jewellery is uniquely their own as no one else has the same piece. 

Custom jewellery can include any type of piece from engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more. 

Does custom jewellery make a good gift? 

Custom jewellery makes a great gift, as it shows you care about the receiver’s unique taste, habits and values. It can create a memorable and lasting impression by binding the sentiment of a specific event to a beautiful material object. For example, while you can mark an anniversary or birthday with a picture or party, a piece of custom jewellery creates an emotional connection to last forever. Customised jewellery in particular allows you to create a piece that immortalises an individual’s style and personality as a wearable reminder of your affection for a lifetime.


We document every part throughout the design process to be sent to you after the item’s completion as a complementary service, so you can capture your special piece’s history and unique origins.

Is custom made jewellery more expensive?

Custom jewellery does not always mean it will be pricier, in fact going through a custom jeweller can actually mean you receive more value for your money. This is because you decide on the price range prior to the design process, so you still get an incredible piece of bespoke jewellery without exceeding your budget. 

At the same time, the quality and attention to detail in a custom piece is unmatched, which may increase the price compared to mass-produced jewellery. As awarding-winning Australian jewellers specialising in bespoke jewellery, each piece we create is made to the highest standards of workmanship. At every stage, quality is our number one priority, so prices reflect the dedication, care and craftsmanship of our expert team.

What is the process of designing custom jewellery?

Designing a custom piece always starts with the initial conversation. Booking a conversation with your jeweller allows you to create the groundwork of your design and work to draw out your passion and ideas to immortalise into a heirloom fit for generations to come. We delve into your ideal design and hone in on the desired stone type/shape/size/colour to work out any other finer details.

Once the purpose and ideal look of the custom piece is captured, it is time to select the gemstone(s). It is likely you will work with your jewellery designer to select from a range of stones your ideal gem with your preferred colour, quality and cut.


The design will now be sketched and workshopped with the finer design points to visualise the design from every angle, with the opportunity to alter and redesign if it looks different on paper to what it does in your mind. Once the design and materials have been decided on, the final quote can be decided for the piece. 

Now it is time to hand it over to the artisans, who will bring your design idea to life from melding to shaping to polishing. This handcrafting process is dependent on the piece as production times usually range from 2 to 8 weeks. 


The ‘Riverina’ 1.12ct Blue Australian Sapphire & Diamond Ring is a love letter to the laidback beauty of beauty of the bespoke Australian region.

What types of precious stones can I choose from?

At Jason Ree, we deeply value using gems sourced directly from local miners across Australia, ensuring all stones we use are of top quality and colour for our jewellery. Each stone is hand-selected and only the best make the cut. 

We provide a huge range of rare and wonderful diamonds, sapphires, opals and other gemstones to include in your custom piece and can source anything from the classic beauties to fancy shapes and colours.

Where should I get custom-made jewellery in Australia?

With decades of experience as Sydney-based jeweller specialising in custom-made and bespoke pieces, at Jason Ree, we love working with Australian sourced gemstones and suppliers. While we work with any stone, we specialise in Australian sapphires, with a profound love for their alluring colour, brilliance and individuality which make for the perfect engagement ring or anniversary gift for your special someone.

Our highly trained team of artisans proudly ideate, design and hand-craft each piece on Australian soil so you can enjoy a design process that is entirely transparent and ethical. 


Bring your own unique taste to a custom bracelet, ring, necklace or whatever you envision.

What are the best Australian gemstones for custom jewellery?

Sourced from the mineral rich soils of the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales and parts of central Queensland, we are massive fans of the unique and glorious Australian sapphires and opals our country is renowned for. However, we love working from our large and extensive catalogue of gemstones when working on a custom design, from gorgeous rosy Rhodalites to crisp and captivating Aquamarines. 

Every bespoke piece tells a story and is unique to you, and your chosen gemstones should reflect this. Each jewel represents an emotion - a moment in time come to life. All of our unique creations are hand crafted in-store with unbridled love, unparalleled quality and the unrivalled ingenuity & expertise exclusive to the Jason Ree design experience.

Get started in designing the perfect custom piece by booking a conversation with Jason Ree today.