How to Choose the Right Necklace Length

How to Choose the Right Necklace Length

Let’s delve deep into the long (and short!) of necklace lengths.

A necklace is the most exquisite piece of jewellery. They can be styled as a statement piece: drawing eyes to their unique beauty atop a beautiful outfit; classically understated to be worn every day, or perhaps worn as part of a memory or treasured gift. Every necklace has its own unique story, and with this, they come in different lengths and styles too.

At Jason Ree, we believe that every necklace deserves to be worn with pride: working out the right length to suit your features, style, and outfit can be a big factor in this. Read ahead to learn about choosing the right necklace length for you.

The History of the Necklace: Then and Now

Necklaces have been worn since the dawn of civilization: originally known as pendants, necklaces have an expansive history spanning thousands of years. First worn as pendants in ancient Greek and Egyptian times, where they would have been worn to protect the wearer, they were later worn in the Middle Ages as symbols of power and opulence. Then as we embark into the Gothic and Renaissance periods, necklaces became a mark of wealth and social status. 

As we move into the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, they became more of a fashion statement, or highlight to the wearer, and as such, come in different styles and lengths.

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The Most Popular Necklace Lengths

There are many different lengths of necklaces, and many jewellers will measure their chain lengths according to the following styles.

Princess Length - This is the standard length of necklace. Usually measuring around 45cm (18 inches) in length, it’s the most commonly worn length and style worldwide: suiting most situations, it can be the perfect style to wear every day. The necklace when worn should sit just below the collarbone.

Choker Length - The choker should sit close against the base of the neck: although suiting a wide range of clothing and styles, this tight-style necklace works best with crew, shoulder, or boat necklines. At around 40cm (16 inches) long, it should be mentioned that if you don’t like tighter necklaces, this length might not be the best for you.

Matinee Length - This length is suitable for those who want a slightly looser, longer-fit necklace than the standard Princess length. Ideal for taller people or those with a wider frame, this chain length would also suit those wearing higher necklines and collared shirts. It typically measures around 50-60cm (20-24 inches) in length.

Opera Length - This is the most suitable length for high-neckline clothing. It’s usually around 60cm (24 inches) long so would sit fairly low on the chest. 

Rope Length - Traditionally these are the longest style of necklaces available. A rope necklace is any length of chain that is longer than an opera style. Typically worn as a double chain - these are usually styled by wrapping the chain around your neck and wearing it at a shorter length. The length of a rope chain can vary, but it usually measures 75cm (29.5 inches) or longer.
With Jason Ree's 47cm adjustable chain, you can achieve three different necklace lengths, including the popular Princess length, as well as the Choker and Matinee lengths. Available in gold, white gold, and rose gold, this versatile piece is perfect for any occasion or outfit, allowing you to effortlessly switch up your style. Whether you're looking for a timeless classic or a statement piece, the adjustable chain from Jason Ree provides the ultimate flexibility to create your desired look.
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What Factors To Consider When Looking at Necklace Lengths

Choosing the right necklace length is important as it can accentuate your features, create length in your body shape, frame your face, and enhance your overall style.

Your Neck Size - This is important when choosing a necklace length. By measuring your neck ahead of purchase, you can be assured that your new jewellery piece will fit and not feel uncomfortable to wear. Even if you’d like a longer style necklace,  measuring your neck ahead of time will enable you to visualise where the jewellery will fall onto your body and where the focal point will be.

Your Face Shape - Necklaces are wonderful at framing your face. Choosing the appropriate jewellery length will showcase your strongest features, so perhaps discuss this with your jeweller to see if your face will benefit from the style of necklace you’d prefer.

Chain Width - As well as paying attention to the length of your necklace, consider how thick you would like your piece too! Necklaces can come in all types of widths, so consider if you’d like a more ornate, delicate piece, or a chunkier, statement necklace.

Choose a Style That Compliments You - That Way it’ll Never Go Out of Style!

Jewellery can can last a lifetime. That’s why we always recommend you pick a style that suits you, your frame, and your life. There are many types of lengths, widths, and styles of necklaces on the market, with each jewellery store offering its own unique designs to customers. Make sure to research ahead of purchasing, so that you can be assured your style is the perfect fit for you.

At Jason Ree, we love to work with our customers to create a necklace-buying experience that will be one to remember. Our necklaces are simply beautiful, and our ready-to-wear collection offers a wide variety of styles and lengths for the wearer. Or,  we can work with you to create your own perfect personalised piece.