How to Clean Your Diamond And Sapphire Rings at Home

How to Clean Your Diamond And Sapphire Rings at Home

Your engagement ring is a symbol of love, so it comes as no surprise most brides want to make sure their ring lasts just as long. A lot of people feel nervous when it comes to cleaning their special treasures but there are a number of super simple tips you can try to keep the sparkle in your ring without the stress. Trust us, you’ll wish you read this sooner once you see how easy it is and how sparkly it makes your ring look.

Here’s what you need to know about cleaning your diamond and sapphire rings at home.

What is the best way to clean a sapphire and diamond ring?

The best way to clean a sapphire and diamond ring depends on the materials used, but there are some general cleaning tips that are foolproof when dealing with any metal.

As you’re dealing with precious stones, there are a few critical pieces of advice you should keep in mind:

  • Never use sharp objects in the cleaning process because it may damage the setting or scratch the gems and metal - even though diamonds and sapphires are known for their durability, you should still treat them with the utmost care to ensure they stay as shiny as possible.
  • Be gentle and patient when cleaning - you’ll get the best results if you don’t rush when dealing with delicate pieces.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning - this is extremely important to avoid damaging your ring.
  • Never use paper towels to dry your ring - use soft cloth or air dry it to avoid abrasions to the ring’s surface. 

How to clean your engagement ring at home

Cleaning your sapphire and diamond engagement ring is very simple.

  1. Firstly, grab a shallow dish and fill with warm water.
  2. Add a touch of mild soap to the water and combine. Green dishwashing detergent works wonders.
  3. Place your ring in the dish and leave to soak for 20-30 minutes depending on how dirty it is.
  4. After soaking, retrieve the ring and give it a light scrub with a very soft-bristled toothbrush to dislodge any stubborn dirt or buildup in the rings setting.
  5. Rinse under running water, make sure you have the sink plug in!
  6. Grab a soft cloth or blow dry to remove any water in the tiny grooves and holes.

Cleaning your diamond or sapphire engagement rings is extremely important when it comes to keeping their sparkle. You should repeat the process outlined above at least once a fortnight or as needed, and avoid contact with harsh chemicals such as bleach, chlorine, acetone, toothpaste, powdered cleaners and baking soda.


What should I avoid doing while wearing my engagement ring?

How you care for your engagement ring while it’s on your finger is just as important as to how you care for it when it’s off. If you’re doing a task that requires a lot of hand power, it’s a good idea to pop your ring in a safe place to avoid any signs of wear or tear.

Wherever possible, you should also try and avoid hand sanitizers, lotions and creams while wearing your engagement ring. These products can leave residue on your engagement stone that makes it appear dull or cloudy. Try applying these products in one go during the morning without your ring and place it back on your finger once your hands have dried to maintain its shine.


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