How to pick the right wedding band to compliment your engagement ring

How to pick the right wedding band to compliment your engagement ring

So you’ve chosen your dream engagement ring, congratulations! Now it’s time to move on to the final step - choosing a wedding band that represents your eternal love and also perfectly compliments your existing engagement ring. This a jewellery stack you’ll want to wear together forever, so it’s worth spending a little extra time and thought on what makes a gorgeous combination for your bridal set. 

There’s a number of things you should consider when choosing a wedding band usch as your engagement ring style, the cut and how much you’re willing to spend. To make it easier for you, we’ve put together this comrehensive guide on everything you need to know when matching your wedding band to your engagement ring, sprinkled with some gorgeous examples for inspiration!

How do I choose the right wedding band?

While some jewellers offer matching wedding bands for their engagement rings, many brides begin their search for the perfect wedding band long after they’re engaged. Just like you and your partner, you want your ring combo to be a match made in heaven. Here are some general factors to consider when choosing the right wedding band for you:


No need to stick by the rules! We love this metal mix-and-match combining this gorgeous "Wave" Soft Curve Yellow Sapphire Micropave Band with a brilliant round-cut diamond on platinum for a unique look.

Choosing your metals

While some statement brides may choose to mix and match their metals, it’s more common to choose a wedding band made of the same metal as your engagement ring to ensure they sit well together. Two of the most common options for different skin tones are 18ct gold or white gold and platinum for their durability, maintainability and beauty. Choosing the same metal type also has benefits outside the aesthetic - it can help preserve the longevity of your pieces. This is because different metal types have vastly different properties requiring different levels of care and maintenance.

Match the width

Though there is no hard and fast rule on this, if you have ever seen a wedding band and engagement ring set flow effortlessly, it is likely because the rings match each other’s thickness (thin with thin, chunky with chunky etc.). This promotes a cohesive and classic look. You may also like to consider the width of your partners band. Matching width can still make them look more like a set, despite being different styles or materials.

Consider your forever style

Women's wedding rings vary from simple metal bands to stunning gem-encrusted statements. Some even choose 2 or 3 wedding bands and stack them on the finger for a glamorous and unique choice. The important thing when choosing a wedding band is to consider your ‘forever style’. Of course, you can hypothetically change your rings up with your style evolution but there is something beautifully sentimental about wearing one wedding band for the rest of your life, a symbol of your enduring love. When looking for the right wedding band, consider what kind of ring you would feel comfortable wearing forever - you’ll never regret choosing timeless over trends.

How many carats should a wedding band be?

This question gets asked a lot and the answer is: there is no rule. In Australia, carat can refer to both diamond weight and gold purity, so it is very much dependent on the design and features you’re looking for in your ring. Wedding band preferences vary depending on the person or current trends, so developing your personal budget as a couple is always a good place to start.

Once you have a good idea of what you are willing to spend, a jeweller or sales consultant will be able to direct you to some amazing pieces at varying carat price points.

What are the different types of wedding bands?

Straight Wedding Band


What better as a symbol of love than an infinite pathway? The ''Mobius" Rose Gold & Diamond Ring is timeless in its style.

A straight wedding band normally sits behind the raised stones of your engagement ring or neatly next to it, but not flush to the ring (jewellers term for right up next to each other). These range from more simple plain metal designs to gorgeous diamond and other gemstone rings.

Pairs well with: A halo engagement ring, where the center stone is already a showstopper.

Contoured Wedding Band or ‘Fitted Wedding Band’


A contoured wedding band like the "Wave" Soft Curve Diamond Micropave Rose Gold Band adds the perfect touch of sparkle to this bridal set.

A contoured wedding also know as a ‘fitted wedding band’ fits precisely and snugly around the shape of your engagement ring. It may be a simple band or include a pavé diamond ring around the outside. It’s popular to get this style created custom for your ring setting.

Pairs well with: A contoured wedding band with pavé diamonds looks spectacular with a round solitaire engagement ring, making the stone look brighter and larger.

Chevron Wedding Band


The v-shape of the "On Point" Wishbone Diamond Ring in Yellow and White Gold fits like a dream with this marquise cut diamond engagement ring.

A chevron wedding band is a pointed, v-shaped band that makes for a very unique ring combination. You can wear these underneath or on top of your engagement ring, in what is known as ‘nesting style’.

Pairs well with: Pear or marquise-cut engagement rings, as the band will accent your centre stone and sit comfortably on the finger. 

Notched Wedding Band


Combining classic and modern looks, the "Periwinkle" Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring looks luminous sitting above a matching straight diamond and platinum wedding band. 

If you like the look of a wedding band sitting flush against the engagement ring but have a difficult setting, a notched wedding band may be a good choice for you. Essentially, it is a straight band with a little groove to make room for the engagement ring setting - when next to each other, you shouldn’t be able to notice the indent just like a puzzle piece.

Pairs well with: A variety of statement rings but can look very flattering with an opal-cut gem. 

Stacked Wedding Bands


The ‘Riverina’ Australian Blue/Green Sapphire & Diamond Ring shines brighter with these enhancing curved diamond stacking wedding bands. 

Stacked wedding bands are usually of the same thickness and may sit either side of your engagement ring (or in any combination you wish!). This can be a good option if you already have a ring you’d like to wear with your engagement ring such as a promise ring or anniversary ring. These rings are chosen to stack on top of each other on a single finger.

Pairs well with: A halo engagement ring, opal, pear, solitaire or no center stone at all!

Should your wedding band size be bigger than your engagement ring?

This really depends on whether your engagement ring fits right. If it is a comfortable fit, there should be no issue with a wedding banf of the same size. However if your engagement ring is a tiny bit snug and you aren’t getting it resized, it may push a little bit of skin further up. In these cases, a wedding band that is a half size bigger is a good idea to cater for the extra bulge and fit comfortably. Your jeweller will be able to assess your ring size and inform you on your options!

Tips to remember when browsing for a wedding band


The Small Tapered Baguette Ring fits like a puzzle with the stunning "Palais" 1.28ct Australian Sapphire and Baguette Diamond Fan Ring in a bridal jewellery combination sure to get heads turning.

Keep an open mind

You may be armed with Pinterest boards and a very particular vision, but you may end up with a very different ring in the end. What you like in pictures may be vastly different to what you like on your own finger, so keep an open mind when browsing. You may not have considered a plain or minimalist band, but once paired with your sparkly engagement ring, you might love the juxtaposition!

Dedicate time to browsing so you can try options on

You definitely don’t want to rush this process - so leave as much time as you can to try options on in person. Have no pressure with time allows you to be open minded when finding the perfect wedding.  Always bring your engagement ring so you can see how the combination works together and judge the overall look. Also, shopping for wedding rings is more often than not a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Take the time to enjoy it.

Consider a custom piece 

And finally when looking for the right wedding band to compliment your engagement ring, you may discover that no ready-made band meets your vision. Perhaps you want to incorporate a sentimental element just for you and your partner, or want to wear a piece that no one else in the world is also wearing. A custom wedding band may make a perfect choice - and is not always as expensive in comparison as you may think. Experienced jewellers can work with a range of budgets, and will bring your vision to life, taking you along the journey every step of the way. 

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