Is an Opal Engagement Ring a good idea?

Is an Opal Engagement Ring a good idea?

If you are interested in an engagement ring that is as unique as your significant other, Opals make a spectacular choice.  Opals are the shimmering, iridescent, ethereal cousin to the traditional diamond, with no compromise on sparkle but utterly unique. In this engagement ring guide, we will dive into everything you need to know about this magical gemstone, and trust us, you’ll find it hard to stop thinking about the gorgeous Opal.

What does the Opal symbolise in an Engagement Ring?

Commonly referred to as the ‘Queen of the Gems’, the significance of Opals dates back thousands of years! For the Romans, the opal was a symbol of love and purity - Roman general Marc Antony is believed to have gifted an extremely rare and valuable Opal to Cleopatra as a wedding present. Towards the middle ages, the Opal was believed to have protective powers and by the 19th century, the gemstone was adorning the necks of the women of the British monarchy - a symbol of royalty and faithfulness.

An Opal engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of love, fidelity and strength - a stunning representation of the beauty of marriage. The long history of folklore on the magic of an Opal makes it a fascinating and unique ring for someone interested in a sentimental engagement ring, away from the traditional diamond.

large black opal ring in diamond setting

The "Black Mirror" 3.69ct Black Opal Diamond Ring is a showstopper handmade piece, with a solid black opal surrounded with 1mm round brilliant-cut diamonds.

Are Opal Engagement rings popular?

Opals are hugely popular in all kinds of jewellery, but engagement rings in particular have been on the rise. Most people fall in love with the unique spectrum of colours that gleam from an Opal, the cosmic flashes of cerulean, fuschia or emerald that change at every angle. Opals come in a variety of colours and types, from the White Opal that is closer to your usual diamond to the warm honey-gold of a Fire Opal that invites you to make a statement. You can read all about our guide to Australian Opals here.

The ability to choose and entirely customise your centerstone from a variety of looks and price points is one of the main reasons why Opal engagement rings are becoming more popular. Opals are also one-of-a-kind, and extremely difficult to replicate. That way you can make sure you’re choosing a ring as unique as the recipient!

bespoke jeweller welding ring in workshop

All Jason Ree pieces are handmade with love, care and decades of expertise at his personal workshop in Sydney.

What are the benefits of wearing Opal?

Opals are believed to hold protective benefits for the wearer, most likely stemming from the Ancient Greeks belief that opals warded off disease. In the middle ages, Opals were used as a cure for eye-related illnesses, but nowadays Opals are mostly considered to bring good fortune, peace, joy, and wealth to the wearer for those interested in gemstone properties.

Some even believe Opal helps in clearing issues in a marriage and provides marital bliss, which makes it a fitting choice for an engagement stone. But most of all, the biggest benefit of wearing an Opal is it will forever be the talking point of any occasion you attend! 

Are Opal Engagement Rings durable?

While Opal stones aren’t as hard as diamonds, and more vulnerable to chips and scratches, an experienced jeweller like Jason Ree will always make sure the ring is designed with a protective setting, so you can wear your ring with confidence.

black opal engagement ring on rock

This beautiful ring is the "Monet" 6.18ct Black Opal Mokume Ring, featuring a gorgeous Lightening Ridge solid opal in a 18ct Yellow Gold setting and ring.

An Opal engagement ring is similar to a vintage car - absolutely stunning and unique but is always going to require a little extra love and care than others.

How do you care for an Opal Engagement Ring?

Solid opal should be cleaned gently with mild detergent in warm water and a soft toothbrush or cloth. Avoid electric jewellery cleaning machines as the intense vibrations are not good for Opals. As solid Opals contain around 5-6% water, you want to avoid exposing your ring to extremely hot and dry conditions for prolonged periods of time, as this may cause your Opal to be prone to cracks.

After years of wear, it is common for many gemstones to acquire a few scratches or scuff marks. A visit back to the jewellers for a professional polish will bring your Opal back to life and ensure the security of the setting. Fortunately, when you buy an Opal engagement ring with Jason Ree, you’ll receive Complimentary Lifetime Cleaning and safety checks of your gem, so you never have to worry about the expense.

At Jason Ree, we have decades of experience and expertise working with Opals and other precious gemstones. Browse our signature Engagement Rings here or get started in designing the perfect custom piece by booking a conversation with Jason Ree today.