Jason Ree: Award Winning Jeweller

Jason Ree: Award winning Jeweller

What really makes a jewellery piece bespoke? Is it the metals and gems that make it up? The customer who it’s made for or the hand that crafts it? It’s made up of all that and more, there’s no way to make a beautiful bespoke piece transactional, there’s something inherently romantic about the very idea. But at Jason Ree we measure our pieces on the time and effort we pour into them, whether original or customer designed.

No piece gets special treatment, but they all come out looking like they did. We pour equal parts love and creativity into every piece, and it shows. Jason is a multi-award winning Jeweller for his work, which takes inspiration from all art (manmade and natural) but in particular the beautiful details of Australian Flora and Fauna.

What really makes a piece of jewellery bespoke is deciphering and interpreting the precious metals and gems we use as a palette to reflect both the form and texture of the world around us and the stories of the wearers themselves.

A bespoke piece, as its core mission, is to articulate and resonate with the wearers unique aesthetic.

This is made possible through Jason’s interpretation of emotions from decades of experience and technical pursuit.

All my award winning pieces have to satisfy 3 rules I set for myself

· Champion both form and texture

· Include one new technical invention to push the boundaries of jewellery making

· Intrinsically beautiful and wearable


And now, we are proud to present, the Jason Ree Award winning collection; 


2002 Australian Jeweller of the year winner - “Klimpt”

Inspired by the work of the late 19th century Austrian painter Gustav Klimt, this piece used a mix of yellow, green and white gold with diamond intricacies to replicate the inspirations texture-focused artworks while also resembling the crystalline structure of gold itself.


2004 Australian Jeweller of the year winner - “Entwine”

Moving away from 19th century symbolism, Jason’s next award winning piece was Entwine. This followed an industrial style of art and sculpting that used articulated joints in platinum earrings with spiralling diamonds.


2004 Diamond Ring Award winner - “Orion”

This piece is one of Jason’s most memorable designs, as it left many Jewellers around the world stumped. Jason used a secret diamond cutting technique to precariously hang diamonds from a polished flat white gold surface with a concave Mokume Gane inlay on the opposite side. This design was a world first for rings.


2005 Diamond Guild Awards finalist - “The Comet”

The design idea for this piece was to keep a pure & simple form without the use of texture to define it. The diamond feels precariously balanced at the head of a perfectly rounded tail of platinum stream.


2008 Fusion Platinum necklace

One of Jasons design philosophies is to always be pushing the limit, and never settle for imitation. With his Fusion design, he wanted to create a physical bond between Platinum and gold, by bring it together with tension alone the platinum wires suspend it all without physical join. It defies convention and seemingly hovers in thin air.


2014 Gold design finalist - Lepidoptera moth necklace

This necklace is a prime example of Jason taking inspiration from Australian Fauna, specifically the beautiful native moths of the snowy mountains. Drawing on the vibrancy and texture of their wings, this piece uses a mosaic of 10 different precious metal alloys, diamonds and sapphires to replicate the extravagant detail of natural design.


2016 Ripple Mokume and Opal ring

Ripple was designed with colour highlights first and foremost in mind, Mokume Gane is a traditional Japanese technique that uses a blend of colourful metals to create consistently unique patterns. By pairing that with palladium, silver and black opal there is a striking focus on edges and colours in this ring.


2016 Kliff Hanger Diamond Ring

In another prime instance of natural inspiration, Jason drew from the iconic sandstone cliffs that line the edges of picturesque Sydney Harbour. 

With an awkwardly set princess cut diamond wedges between layers of precious metals he pays homage to the perfect imperfections of our world.

 Kliff hanger

2018 JDA Mens Jewellery Awards winner - “Kikkou”

This ring uses a contrasting faceted and angular form made from organically patterned Mokume Gane in a deliberate visual contrast. Combining platinum, palladium, rose, green and yellow golds the blending of colours is also part of the visual quality of this ring with the centrepiece Australian parti coloured sapphire.


2018 Black Opal Earring finalist - “Sandstorm”

This incredible piece uses a 6th century Etruscan technique of fusing microscopic grains of gold to a smooth platinum surface to replicate the sheer beauty of an Australian beach. The ocean blue is recreated with Australian black opals and diamonds. Creating almost a painting but within the scale and frame of an earring.


At Jason Ree we strive for Award Winning quality with each and every product, pairing bespoke design and creativity with our years of experience in creating beautiful Jewellery designs. Book your design conversation today to see your dream bespoke piece come to life.