Meaningful gifts to give this Christmas…

Meaningful gifts to give this Christmas…

The holiday season is fast approaching and finding the perfect gift can be difficult. 

Christmas, for many, is a time that brings families together to celebrate, exchange gifts and share stories. Gifts provide memories of our friends and loved ones, a moment in time that brings joy and warmth.

Jewellery is the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family. Find the perfect sentimental gift this Christmas and show them how special they truly are to you with these amazing Jason Ree collections.

Necklaces and Pendants

There is something truly intimate about a necklace or pendant that stays with you forever. A piece that you hold close to your heart. A daily reminder of all that you’re grateful for.

Jason Ree provides a variety of necklaces and pendants with the Australian Sapphire being one of our most popular collections. 

You can find the full range and collection here.


No outfit is complete without a pair of beautiful earrings. A true expression piece of jewellery that highlights who you are, your character and your personality. Earrings are usually the first accessory someone sees when you interact with them. 

Is there someone you immediately think of when you see Jaron Ree Earrings? Then this is the perfect opportunity to get them a pair of earrings for Christmas.

Like these amazing Gumleaf Opal Studs.


A symbol of friendship and love, bracelets are a great way to express your appreciation for another. Bracelets emphasize each individual style and are a key accessory for every occasion.

Have a look at our full range of Jason Ree Bracelets 

Necklaces, Earrings and Bracelets provide the perfect Christmas gift for friends and loved ones. Generations pass down exquisite pieces to the next and stories and memories are told through the life and experiences each jewellery piece lives through. What stories will your jewellery gifts tell in 20 years?

If you’re looking for something a little more bespoke, you can book an in-person conversation.

We hear your story and explore what we want to capture in your bespoke piece of jewellery. We delve into your ideal design and hone in on the desired stone type/shape/size/colour to work out any other finer details.

Find the perfect gift to show them just how much they mean to you. Shop our collections here.