The Ultimate Guide to Mokume Gane Women's Rings

The Ultimate Guide to Mokume Gane Women's Rings

Mokume Gane is a famous and historic technique that has evolved from Samurai swords to bespoke and timeless jewellery pieces. While we create bands of the most astonishing beauty every day, the techniques involved in Mokume Gane are certainly something special. 

We’ve created plenty of bespoke pieces over the years using this technique: wedding bands, anniversary pieces, or something to mark an important milestone. We truly enjoy listening to your stories and crafting a piece with these tales as inspiration. 

Historically, Mokume Gane was a technique made for warriors, and as such, the style evolved into relatively thick bands (4mm - 6mm) more commonly worn by men as wedding bands. However, it’s becoming more common to create pieces for both men and women, and it’s truly a beautiful experience in both instances.

Given its male-oriented history, we wanted to create this guide for women’s rings. If you’re interested in crafting your own Mokume Gane ring, Jason Ree would love to assist you!

What is Mokume Gane?

Mokume Gane is a jewellery technique that originated in Japan in the seventeenth century. Originally used for warriors, it’s featured heavily in the Samurai sword, an iconic and historic weapon. Over the centuries, the technique has evolved from swordsmanship to jewellery. 

It’s a beloved technique for its personalisation. The creation of each Mokume Gane ring is personal to the wearer; Jason listens to your stories, and hears your ideal colour combinations, metal choices, and more, before designing the piece and creating it in his workshop. 

What are the Techniques Used?

The beauty of Mokume Gane lies in the intricate patterns and colours forged by the techniques used in its creation. 

At Jason Ree, we work with the colours of the Australian landscape. From the golden sands of our beaches, the radiant rays of the epic sunrises and sunsets, the ocean blues and greens of the rainforest, and the grey hues of diverse mountain ranges, our landscape is beautiful and deserves jewellery that pays homage to it. 

This is reflected in the process itself. We use a variety of noble metals, like gold alloy, silver, platinum, and palladium. Then, we create the rings with the following techniques and results: 

  • Twisted: Twisting the pattern into your ring is a delicate process, resulting in longer strokes of colour. 
  • Forged: A Forged ring has beautiful cylindrical shapes, like a topographical map, each line ebbing and flowing into the other. 
  • Twisted & Forged: Combining the unique Forged pattern with the flow of our Twisting Technique, this patterning creates a multitude of effects. 
  • Starburst: This style brings some symmetry to the fold of metals to create more of a cohesive and balanced pattern.

We also can create your Mokume Gane women’s rings with gemstones or diamonds. It’s a beautiful and bold result, the expression of femininity in these patterns creates an incredible product. See below for one of our favourite custom women’s rings. 


What Makes Jason Ree a Good Choice for my Ring?

Jason Ree has created Mokume Gane rings for years, and has been a student of the artistry for even longer. He’s created bespoke pieces for customers all over Australia and the world: each piece a work of art in itself. 

We work with only the finest metals, gemstones, and diamonds, with every piece produced ethically sourced. 

What Occasions Could I Mark With This Ring? 

There are plenty of occasions you could mark with this ring. 

As wedding bands or a 'matched pair', we often recommend these rings as captivating storytelling pieces for both partners. Jason listens to your love story before crafting a piece that blends the histories of both partners coming together.

Alternatively, they could be created to mark a significant birthday or anniversary. Whatever the occasion may be, we certainly think a beautiful bespoke Mokume Gane women’s ring would be the perfect piece to commemorate it. Book a Conversation with Jason Ree to begin designing your custom piece.