Opulent Opal: The Captivating October Birthstone

Opulent Opal: The Captivating October Birthstone

October is a special month with intricate meanings. For many, it’s the month they celebrate turning another year older: Libra and Scorpio fall into the October period. However, at Jason Ree, we love October for another reason, and that’s because of the work we do with its birthstone, the opulent Opal. 

Opals are a unique and beautiful gemstone that intricately lends itself to all jewellery pieces. Some of our favourite creations feature opals found from within Australia. This month, we’ll be celebrating October and opals, with this blog exploring all that they have to offer. Indeed, an opal jewellery piece would make the perfect gift for any loved one celebrating a birthday in October!

beautiful opal necklace

The History Behind Opals

Opals have been a popular choice of gemstone throughout history. 

Opals mean “Precious Stone” from the Latin word Opalus. The stone has had a varied history, from being coveted in ancient Greek mythology and period, to being hated during the Middle Ages. 

Once believed by the Greeks to give both the power of prophecy and foresight, it was used as a way to prevent diseases in families. They were used in tales about the Greek Gods: Zeus cried tears that became opals once landed on the ground - giving clear associations with the gemstones’ connections with power and family. 

In the Middle Ages, the opal was greatly associated with the Black Death: full of superstition and fear, the people would actively avoid any contact with the gemstone. 

However, nowadays the stones carry great meaning: it’s believed by some that if you wear an opal and you’re not born in October, it’s unlucky! At Jason Ree, we don’t believe that to be quite true: their beauty overtakes any superstitious association for us. 

Where Are Opals Typically Found?

Opals are actually Australia’s official national gemstone. 

This is because, despite opals being found in all corners of the globe, Australia produces over 95% of the world’s supply of the beautiful gemstones. There are three types of opal found throughout Australia: renowned for its geographical terrain, it’s no wonder this continent is home to some beautiful gemstones!

  • Black Opal is the rarest and most valued Opal stone found in the world. You can characterise a Black Opal by a “play of colour” within a dark or black body, which enhances the vibrancy of the colours of the stone. These gemstones are typically found in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales. 
  • Boulder Opal is formed in cracks and voids of rock.  It is mined with the host rock as part of the formation of the gem and as such, it is produced in light or dark colours. This gemstone is mainly found in specific locations over a wide area of Western Queensland.
  • A Crystal Opal is a transparent to semi-transparent stone, with a translucent body of colour. Crystal Opals can be light or dark and tend to have an exceptional play of colour throughout the stones’ body. These gemstones are mainly mined in Coober Pedy in South Australia.
Australian boulder rainbow opal ring

Opals and their Connection to October

Opal has long been considered as the official birthstone for October. This is because of its association with love, health, and luck: traditionally the people born in October are also blessed with these associations, as well as the astrological Libra connotations of purity and sincerity. 

Opals are a beautiful stone that anyone would be fortunate to have. This is particularly true if you are looking for a special gift for someone born in the month of October. At Jason Ree, we work with a number of Opal stones: from our necklaces and rings to bracelets. They make some intricate and mesmerising jewellery, and as they are Australia’s national stone, we simply love to create art with them. 

If you are looking for an Opal piece of jewellery, click here to browse our Ready-to-Wear collection at Jason Ree.