The Perfect Milestone Birthday Gift Guide For Her

The Perfect Milestone Birthday Gift Guide For Her

Our Milestone Birthday Gift Guide

There are many nerve-wracking moments in life, but choosing a perfect birthday gift for that special someone often takes the cake. Despite how long you’ve known each other, special occasions like milestone birthdays can’t help but bring on the pressure to pick out an unforgettable gift they’ll cherish forever. 

Luckily, jewellery is always a lasting, universal, and sentimental way to celebrate a milestone birthday. Whether it’s to celebrate the beginning of adulthood for a fresh 18-year-old or to mark life’s achievement as a 60-year-old, the gift of jewellery remains special at any age.

Often the action of giving a special gift is just as exciting and sentimental as receiving one. Jewellery as a milestone gift allows you to capture one of life’s special moments and hold it close forever. In this edit, we put together our top milestone jewellery picks to suit every life chapter.

For an 18th birthday gift

Turning 18 officially marks the end of childhood and consequently, you’ll want to get them a gift that demonstrates you acknowledge their maturity! 

That’s why jewellery is the perfect option. As there are so many changes that come with turning 18, you’ll want to choose a piece that is timeless, effortless and simple. This stunning ''GumLeaf'' Yellow Gold Chain Bracelet would be a great choice.


It’s classic and unassuming, which is a wise choice as their personal style is likely to evolve rapidly during the next few years. It features a gold gum leaf detail on the 18ct White Gold Chain, an iconic and beloved Australian symbol of ‘home’.

This gift would be so gorgeous and sentimental for the common 18-year-old who is moving for university or travelling in a gap year, to constantly remind them of the love they have back home.

For a 21st birthday gift

The 21st milestone birthday calls for a little more glamour.

A 21st is all about big celebrations and choosing a standout jewellery piece is key to making sure it's an unforgettable birthday gift. A piece that can be worn on all important occasions from a first date to a job interview is crucial when looking to buy for someone in their twenties.

These beautiful White Pearl & Yellow Gold Hoops are sure to impress.




Featuring gorgeous South Sea White Pearls on 18ct gold hammered hoops, these earrings would make the perfect 21st gift for any young woman. Easily adapted to suit any personal style, the “Helmi” White Pearl and Yellow Gold Hoops make the perfect accessory for day and night.

These hoops are sure to be loved, fashionable yet exuding elegance in a timeless piece that can never go out of style.

For a 30th birthday gift

Jewellery makes the perfect milestone birthday gift for a 30th. It’s a maturing reset leaving your twenties and deserves to be recognised with some well-deserved indulgence.

A woman in her thirties most likely has entered the workforce and will buy herself whatever she needs - but more rarely what she actually wants. If you really want to wow her when choosing a milestone 30th birthday gift, we’d suggest going diamond. Something like this Classic Diamond Pave White Gold Bangle is the perfect sparkling surprise.


Classic Diamond Pave White Gold Bangle


With 50 0.75ct Diamonds set in an 18ct White Gold bangle, this gorgeous piece is sure to take her breath away.

Featuring a solid clasp with a latch, the oval shape allows the bangle to sit comfortably and securely on the wrist. Classy, classic and crisp, this stunning choice would make an unforgettable luxury birthday gift.

For a 40th birthday gift

While turning 40 should absolutely be a celebratory milestone birthday, many women find it to be quite daunting. The years might seem to go by faster and faster, so it’s important to take some time out to make a 40th birthday extra special.

A 40th birthday gift is also the perfect time to choose a piece of jewellery that is a little more sentimental. This ''Mobius'' Diamond & White Gold Pendant would be the perfect gift for the wife and mum that has infinite love and time for those around her.




This beautiful pendant looks divine on a delicate silver chain but can also be worn as a ring, with a different look from every angle. Featuring over 100 Diamonds in the single loop of 18ct White Gold, the Mobius Diamond & White Gold Pendant makes a beautiful and symbolic gift for a woman whose love and dedication makes the world go round.

A great gift for a 40th as it can be worn daily, from picking the kids up from school to an anniversary date night.

For a 50th birthday gift

50 years around the sun is most definitely an impressive feat, and the gift you choose for that special someone deserves to match that!

The best gift you can get someone turning 50 is one that makes them feel appreciated, special, loved and absolutely fabulous! A beautiful piece of jewellery like this gorgeous ‘HighWire Tear Drop’ 1.84ct pear-cut blue spinel rose gold ring is sure to do exactly that.




50th birthdays are often traditionally associated with gold, so this ring makes the perfect gift.

This electric blue pear-cut spinel sparkles on a polished 14ct rose gold band for an equally practical and stylish piece. The stone is a standout for its uniqueness and beauty, just like its recipient!

We love this choice for a 50th milestone gift as the simple rounded band ensures its frequent wearability while the electric blue spinal brings plenty of sparkle and glamour.

For a 60th birthday gift

Getting older doesn’t mean you deserve any less extravagance for your birthday celebrations. For many, a 60th is a time to reconsider life’s priorities in retirement or take up the interests and hobbies you’ve always wanted to do.

Turning 60 is one of the most important milestone birthdays of them all and choosing a gift can be challenging. According to traditional Jubilees, a 60th denotes diamonds and a 65th is for sapphires, so why not combine them both and celebrate the start of this exciting decade with this stunning ‘Zoya’ Australian sapphire & salty diamond earring/necklace set?




Featuring three teal Australian oval-cut sapphires and three round brilliant-cut Salt & Pepper diamonds in a yellow gold setting, this beautiful set was designed to represent a perfect summer day at the beach.

This set would make a stunning choice for the 60-year-old that grew up by water or the lover of ocean swims. A gorgeous and elegantly wearable set, this piece makes a memorable gift for a memorable person.

While personal styles may slightly differ from milestone to milestone, jewellery always makes a special and much-welcomed gift for any birthday.

As we are a bespoke jeweller, all Jason Ree items are handmade using the finest materials and craftsmanship. If you have a particular vision for a birthday gift for your special someone, we can custom tailor any of our pieces to your individual budget and preferences. Our production time for a bespoke piece is 4 - 6 weeks. 

Browse our signature collections here or get started in designing the perfect piece by booking a conversation with Jason Ree today.