Rhodolites, Aquamarines & Opals: The complete Jason Ree collection

Rhodolites, Aquamarines & Opals: The complete Jason Ree collection

If you’re a long time fan or customer of ours, you’d know our specialties lie in two specific areas of jewellery. We are massive fans of Australian Sapphires and any kind of Mokume Gane jewellery, but we have a wide catalogue of beautifully varied pieces and gemstones available, and would like to take some time to shine the spotlight on them and show a little love.

All of our jewellery collections, pieces and stones are deeply unique and carry a different inspiration or meaning. As a consequence, we promise there is something for everyone - no matter the occasion, preference or style you’re after!


Rhodolite: Rosy as a new Romance

Rhodolite, sometimes known as the Inspiration Stone, is named for its colour, two greek words combined that translates to ‘Rose Stone’. It has popular applications for traditional healing and spiritual energies, and is the birthstone of Aquarius.

We have several gorgeous Rhodolite pieces across all major jewellery styles, from the simple but sweet Chevron Garnet Ring to the decadent Katerina Diamond and Rose necklace and the statement Nyka Rhodolite and Diamond earrings.



Aquamarine: Blue as the sky above

This is by far one of our prettiest stones we use, the name is Latin for ‘Colour of the sea’, and that is exactly what we find so gorgeous. Unlike some sapphires and diamonds, these stones are not overpowering, so we love to pair them with other soft coloured stones.

It’s a favourite for our Mosaic pieces, paired with pink sapphires as earrings, pendants and rings. It also stands bright alone, particularly in Rose Gold stud earrings and the Tilly Aquamarine and White Gold Diamond necklace.



Opal: Soul of the Earth

Arguably the most recognisable gemstone on earth, and most common here in Australia, Opal is incredibly rare and precious to all who see it. Formed by extreme time and pressure, they are endlessly unique and consistently breathtaking.

Channeling the spirit of the Australian landscape we crafted our Gumleaf Opal stud earrings, and like a stream of sunlight made real we crafted our Rainbow Crystal Opal ring. And like crystal raindrops our Inlet Boulder Opal Gold drop earrings.



Tourmaline: No two stones alike

One of our underdog stones, Tourmaline is known for its sheer variety of colours and colour combinations, and is a birthstone for October alongside Opal. First discovered in 1554 in Brazil, they often contain traces of other minerals, leading to differences in colour. Tourmaline crystals also become electrically charged when heated!

One of our favourite Tourmaline pieces is our Amazonia Watermelon Tourmaline ring, or you may prefer the elegance of our Indra Tourmaline Pear necklace. If you prefer something small but sweet, consider our Eila Gold Tourmaline Bar Drop earrings.

There is always something for everyone at Jason Ree, take some time to look through our catalogue to find your special something. And a reminder, despite covid we are still taking design appointments but now over zoom.