Should you choose a custom or ready-made engagement ring? We weigh in.

Should you choose a custom or ready-made engagement ring? We weigh in.

An engagement ring is a symbol of your eternal love and as such, is intended to be loved by your bride for all eternity. 

Many partners feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of choosing a piece of jewellery to be worn for a lifetime and oscillate between a custom or ready-made engagement ring. 

In this article, we weigh in with our expert jewellers' opinion on the benefits of bespoke jewellery design vs. ready-made engagement rings.

What are some benefits of a Custom Engagement Ring?

1. You’re creating a piece that is meaningful and is unique

Bespoke Jewellery, meaning ‘one-of-a-kind’, provides you the opportunity to design a ring as unique as the wearer, allowing a deeper and more personal connection to the person the piece is being designed for. Every aspect of a custom engagement ring is tailored to the customer’s wishes from the lifestyle of the wearer to their hair colour, eye colour and background to the couple’s relationship. At Jason Ree, we specialise in drawing out the emotions and concepts of the initial design conversation and capturing your story into one piece for an heirloom to last generations.

2.  You can guarantee exceptional quality.

With a custom engagement ring from a bespoke specialist like Jason Ree, you can guarantee exceptional craftsmanship, expert design knowledge and quality sourced materials for a long-lasting and beautiful piece of jewellery. Ideated, designed and hand-crafted on Australian soil, you can enjoy a design process that is entirely transparent and ethical. Whether you come to the initial consultation with a few concepts already or simply with just a desire to capture your love, the custom design process produces an engagement ring inspired by you to be worn by you. 

3.  You can create priceless memories with a ring in your budget

While it may come as a surprise, a custom ring doesn’t necessarily mean it will be more expensive than a ready-made ring. The cost of an engagement ring depends on a variety of factors such as the size and type of stone, the number of gemstones used, the type of metal, thickness of the band etc. By designing your dream ring from scratch with a knowledgeable and expert jeweller, you have more control over all these factors. This means you can design a ring that is both within your budget and guaranteed to surprise her with a priceless reaction.

4.  You witness a rewarding and genuine commitment to the design process

A ready-made engagement ring may be designed to be bought, but a custom engagement ring will always be designed to be loved. The meticulous care and attention to detail that comes with a custom engagement ring is the result of a genuine commitment to the design process and a passion to create unforgettable pieces. At Jason Ree, a custom engagement ring is a rewarding process for both the jeweller and the customer, so to share that feeling, we take photos throughout the entire process to be transferred into an online gallery as a gift to you after seeing the ring. In addition, we offer complimentary inscription engraving, a lifetime of cleaning, insurance valuation and complimentary ring resizing for up to a year (if the design allows) so you enjoy wearing your ring just as much as we enjoy crafting it for you (though you will also enjoy these additional services by purchasing one of our ready-made rings).

Are there any things to consider when deciding to go ahead with  a Custom Engagement Ring?

1. Make sure you plan ahead

Going the custom route is extremely rewarding, but it’s important to allocate some time before your ideal date to pop the question to allow the design process to develop unrushed. If you’re on a strict deadline to propose, it may make more sense to purchase a ready-made ring so you do not have to wait for it to be crafted.

2.  Make sure you choose a skilled custom jeweller

The custom engagement ring process may intimidate you or initially appear complicated, however, this won’t be the case if you choose a reputable jeweller who can guide you through the process and help provide you with options and ideas that are tailored to your individual desires. At Jason Ree, we specialise in handmade jewellery and bespoke pieces, so we can assure you that will be there every step of the way.

What are some benefits of a Ready-Made Engagement Ring?

1.  It’s quick and fast

The custom design process will typically take a number of weeks to months depending on the design, however, a ready-made engagement ring can be purchased the same day. Attending a brick-and-mortar store will also allow you to peruse a huge variety of different designs, stones and settings in one session, which can help you to settle on a particular ring quickly.

2.  It’s sometimes more affordable

As mentioned above, a custom engagement ring doesn't necessarily mean it will be more expensive as you have total control over the ring materials and gemstones. However, as ready-made rings will generally come with a set price tag, they can be helpful to narrow your ring search to an immediate budget range that suits you. 

3.  It’s less complicated if you know what you want

If you have an exact vision, you can try and track down a ready-made engagement ring that matches it and have it ready to go on a short turn-around. You won’t have to wait or weigh up any decisions, which some partners may prefer to avoid.

Are there any things to consider when choosing a Ready-made Engagement Ring?

1.  You may not find that perfect ring

There is a chance you may experience the pressure of choosing a ring from a ready-made collection that you’re not entirely sold on or feel convinced your partner will love. To this, we would recommend asking for guidance in-store to help you discover your ideal ready-made engagement ring or to book a consultation to discuss the possibility of a custom engagement ring that you know she’ll love. 

2.  It most likely isn’t one of a kind

If you purchase a ready-made ring from a mass-produced jewellery store, you can’t be assured the ring isn’t on the hands of a hundred other women or that it wasn’t made unethically by low-wage workers off-shore. If you are looking to purchase a ready-made engagement ring, Jason Ree is a proudly Australian-made family-owned workshop where you deal directly with the designers and craftspeople. This makes our ready-made rings still incredibly unique with ethically sourced gemstones and attention to detail that will set your engagement ring apart from other brands.

While choosing a ready-made or custom engagement ring, it is important to keep in mind that both have their different value points. At Jason Ree, you can enjoy an engagement ring experience that is both rewarding and smooth. Browse our extensive range of premium, ready-to-wear Engagement Rings here or book your first conversation with Jason Ree to start your custom engagement ring journey today.