The Magic and Mystery of Blue Sapphires

The Magic and Mystery of Blue Sapphires

There’s no doubt that blue sapphires are a beautiful gemstone: most commonly thought of as a deep ocean blue, they are a striking centrepiece to incredible jewellery pieces.  From necklaces to engagement rings, a sapphire is a brilliant addition to any piece and can be found in many different colours and hues, with varying tones of greens, blues, and yellows. 

While many choose a sapphire to wear because of its beauty and opulence, there’s another side to this gemstone that is full of wonder, magic and mystery. Read on to discover more about the magical blue sapphire.


sapphire marquis ring

The History of the Blue Sapphire

The blue sapphire has a rich history, dating back to 800 BC when the rulers of ancient Persia believed that the sky was painted blue by the reflection of sapphires on earth. Throughout history, blue sapphires have had a connection with the skies above and heaven: the Persians and the Catholic church both thought of the blue sapphire as a holy stone.

There’s also an association of power with this gemstone. Throughout history, Kings often wore blue sapphires around their necks: they preserved the wearer from envy and attracted divine favour. In ancient Greece and Rome, the elite often had a blue sapphire on their partner to protect them from harm. It’s clear that throughout history, the blue sapphire has been worn as a form of protection, as a guard, and for good luck.

The sapphire was also used in medicine throughout medieval Europe. In particular, the blue sapphire was believed to have healing powers, so medics used the stone to aid diseases of the eye, cure plague boils, and even be an antidote to poison.

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Astrology and Blue Sapphires

The name sapphire derives from the Latin word “saphirus” and the Greek word “sappheiros”. Both of these words mean blue. 

There is also a deep belief that the word sapphire derives from an association with the planet Saturn, and with this comes great meaning. Some believe that the gemstone is ruled by Saturn, and therefore has the power to change the life of its wearer, if Saturn is dominant in the wearer’s astrological chart. According to belief, if the wearer is aligned with Saturn and wears the sapphire stone, they can expect financial growth, motivation, and life-changing rewards just from wearing the blue sapphire.
Sapphire is the birthstone for September, and so many born in this month choose to buy a jewellery piece to represent this. September is also commonly associated with a great month to marry, because it’s seen as a month of reinvention, change, and shedding old lives to begin this new chapter. This is why blue sapphire is a great stone for engagement and wedding bands: the double meaning of this stone with September can bring great luck and fortune to the wearer.
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The Love and Romance of Blue Sapphires

It goes without saying that all sapphires have a deep connection and history with romance and love. The stone represents both fidelity and romantic devotion. This is why it’s such a beautiful stone to choose for an engagement ring: a sure symbol that your love and marriage will be everlasting. 

It’s said that sapphires can play a key role in generating positive energy in relationships. They do this by enhancing feelings of love, understanding, and companionship. This doesn’t just have to be for romantic relationships but can be for platonic ones too.
We think sapphires are simply beautiful, and love the intrigue, history, and mystery of the blue sapphire, in particular. Whether you’re simply interested in learning more about sapphires or would like to see our Ready-To-Wear collection, you can discover more on our website at Jason Ree. If one thing is for sure, it’s that all sapphires tell a story, and we love bringing them to life in our unique jewellery pieces.

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