The Ultimate Guide to Rose Gold Jewellery

The Ultimate Guide to Rose Gold Jewellery

Renowned for its romantic hues and soft, feminine appearance, rose gold is a hugely popular base for all types of jewellery. Often considered a more vintage-inspired setting, rose gold offers a unique twist on many more traditional jewellery pieces, like necklaces, bracelets, and engagement rings. 

At Jason Ree, we love working with all types of metals, including rose gold. This blog will be the ultimate guide to rose gold jewellery.

What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is a precious metal alloy made by mixing pure yellow gold with copper and silver to create either the soft pink colour of 18ct rose gold or the deeper pinkish red of 14ct rose gold.

The hues of both 18ct and 14ct rose golds can be varied by changing the ratio of copper and silver in the alloy. If you’d like light rose gold, opt for one that has a little less copper Alternatively for a more vibrant and dark rich hue then increase the abundance of copper in the metal mix.

pink sapphire and diamond rose gold engagement ring

What is the History of Rose Gold?

Rose gold has a beautiful and abundant history: the vintage-inspired hues in the setting have been popular for centuries. It first gained popularity in Russia in the early 1800s, particularly by famed jeweller Carl Ferbegé, who used rose gold to accentuate his intricate creations. This is why rose gold is sometimes referred to as Russian gold, as it was first called this before it gained worldwide popularity. 

Rose gold gained notoriety when it was used by Cartier in 1924. Jean Cocteau, the famed French Writer and filmmaker commissioned Cartier to make the Trinity Ring, a beautiful piece that contains rose gold, yellow, and grey gold forever intertwined: it is still as popular today as it was 100 years ago.

What Does Rose Gold Symbolise? 

There are many different meanings associated with rose gold. 

At Jason Ree, we favour the more romantic symbolism: renowned for its association with love and commitment, rose gold is the perfect choice for an engagement ring. Of course, we create rose gold engagement rings for many couples to perfectly capture the feeling of everlasting love between them. It’s a truly beautiful metal to work with!

Rose gold also symbolises luxury, elegance, and affluence. This is because of its association with yellow gold, which is typically a more expensive metal.

What Gemstones Work with Rose Gold?

Rose gold is the perfect background for all types of stones and gemstones. 

At Jason Ree, we particularly love the combination of rose gold and pink sapphire: a gorgeous combination of love and romance. The pink hues of the metal bring out the myriad of blush tones in the sapphire; it truly is a spectacular combination. 

Rose gold also works brilliantly with other coloured gemstones, like green sapphires, blue sapphires, purple sapphires and more. This is because the pink-gold backdrop brilliantly illuminates the complex colours throughout each gemstone.

Of course, diamonds also work beautifully with rose gold, as this is a classic combination that’s renowned worldwide since the creation of the Cartier Trinity Ring. 

Whatever combination of gemstone and rose gold you choose - it’ll be sure to be a beautiful piece of jewellery!

pink sapphire and diamond rose gold engagement ring

How do I Care for My Rose Gold Jewellery?

Caring for your rose gold jewellery is simple and easy! 

By regularly polishing your rose gold piece, you’ll require less maintenance over time. Simply use a dry polishing cloth fairly regularly to help wipe off any natural build-up and restore your piece to its natural radiance and beauty. Regular build of dirt and oils is common, so this is an easy solution!

Every few months, you’ll need to clean your jewellery piece more thoroughly. For this, you’ll need some warm soapy water and a soft cloth to wash your piece. Simply place the cloth at the bottom of a container to protect your piece, and leave the jewellery piece in warm and soapy water for 5-10 minutes. Take it out and rinse with warm water, before drying with a soft cloth.

rose gold jewellery

Your rose gold jewellery piece will last a lifetime and more! It’s important to pick a jewellery piece that speaks to you personally, and potentially to hand down to future generations. Whether it’s a beautiful necklace, an ornate bracelet, or potentially an exquisite engagement ring that speaks of your love, a rose gold piece will be a perfect choice. 

At Jason Ree, we love to work with rose gold jewellery. If you’re looking for your perfect piece, simply browse through our Ready-to-Wear collection. Or, book a conversation with Jason Ree to get started on creating a custom piece.