The Ultimate Pink Sapphire Buying Guide

The Ultimate Pink Sapphire Buying Guide

Tell your love story through the beautifully romantic pink sapphire gemstone. 

The ultimate gemstone to represent femininity in its hue, the pink sapphire has all the same brilliance, value, and meaning as the blue sapphire. From a dusky sunset, a vibrant magenta, to exuberant fuschia, the pink sapphire can be the shade to most suit you: from a subtle elegant hint, to a more daring pop of colour.

In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about pink sapphires, where to find them and how to care for them. 

What is a Pink Sapphire? 

A pink sapphire comes from the same gemstone family as the blue sapphire, but with a beautiful pink hue instead of the more famed sapphire colours. Pink sapphires are typically made with the mineral corundum and are coloured by traces of chromium, titanium, and iron.

Pink sapphires have one-of-a-kind colour displays, which is why they have become such a popular stone to symbolise love and romance. Just like other Australian sapphires, pink sapphires are renowned for their durability, second only to diamonds on the hardness scale which makes them an excellent stone for regular wear.

The beauty of pink sapphires is truly unparalleled, but as with all gemstones, it takes a skilled gem cutter and jeweller to bring the best out of the stone.

What is the Meaning Behind a Pink Sapphire?

Pink sapphires have deep meaning and are the perfect choice for the romantic person in your life! They’re beautiful stones with the same elements as blue or parti-sapphire, so they’re durable, high-quality, and long-lasting.

Pink sapphires in particular stand for love, truth, and feminine power. It can be the perfect centrepiece gemstone for an engagement ring or a traditional gift given on the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries.

How Much are Pink Sapphires Worth?

As with all coloured gemstones, the worth of pink sapphire is dependent on its colour grading. Colour plays a crucial role in the value of all sapphires, and this remains true for those of the pink variety!

Typically, the darker the stone, the more value it holds. And it’s important to note that the saturation of the colours present can have a large effect on the value of the sapphire. The saturation can be described anywhere between dull and weak and vivid and vibrant.

When it comes to gemstones the brighter the colour zones, the higher the price per carat. To truly understand its colour and vivacity, move the stone in different lights and angles so that you can see the stone in all its beauty.

Where are Pink Sapphires from? 

While there are a few pink sapphires available in Australia, the main sources for these gemstones are in Madagascar and Sri Lanka. Pink sapphires can be sourced from a total of 22 different countries worldwide, so if you are searching for your perfect gemstone, it’s best to source one that aligns with your preferences.

All sapphires are formed from the mineral Corundum. While most sapphires take on the all-familiar blue hue, pink is a unique gemstone colour. Pink is one of the rarer sapphire colours, caused by chromium trace elements inside the corundum crystal. The more chromium present in the crystal, the deeper the pink in the sapphire. This is how we get all the range of hues and vibrancies in the different shades of pink sapphire - it’s all to do with the amount of chromium present in the sapphire itself.

However, there are some similarities between a pink sapphire and a ruby, and in fact, some would argue that they are the same stone: pink sapphires are rubies. However, they’re actually different as rubies are made of red Corundum, so it’s made with the same mineral but is an entirely different gemstone.

How do I Care for My Pink Sapphire? 

Sapphires are an incredibly durable stone - second only to the hardness of a diamond. This means they’re a great choice for jewellery that is worn every day, from rings and engagement rings to necklaces and bracelets; they’re typically much better suited for everyday wear than other coloured gemstones. 

This means that they require little in terms of maintenance, but will experience the usual grime and dirt buildup that comes with daily use. If this happens, simply soak your pink sapphire piece in some warm soapy water and use a soft toothbrush to clear away the residue. Dry your piece using a soft cloth. If this method isn’t for you, simply take your piece to a jeweller to have it professionally cleaned. It might be best to go with the jeweller you purchased the piece of jewellery from, as they’re already familiar with the cut and setting of the stone and understand how best to make it shine once again. 

At Jason Ree, we offer complimentary lifetime cleaning and stone security inspection to ensure your pink sapphire remains safe and sparkling forever.

stunning pink sapphire and diamond ring

Where Do I Buy Pink Sapphires?

There are plenty of places to buy pink sapphires jewellery pieces, though they are rarer than their blue counterparts. At Jason Ree, we have a range of ready-to-wear jewellery that features the beautiful pink sapphire, so we’d welcome you to browse online or come in for a friendly conversation about how we can make your dream pink sapphire piece come to life. We love working with all sapphires, and pink sapphires bring an element of romance to every piece they are made with. 

Fall in love with our Pink Sapphire pieces or book a conversation with Jason Ree to begin the design of your perfect custom piece today.