Three Ways to Complement Your Australian Sapphire Jewellery

Three Ways to Complement Your Australian Sapphire Jewellery


Sapphires are a uniquely beautiful stone that has been loved and adored over the centuries. Gaining popularity among the nobility and royalty in the 14th and 15th centuries: nowadays they’re still incredibly beautiful gemstones that are used in engagement rings, earrings, necklaces and other intricate pieces. 

Australian sapphires come in an array of colours: from bright teal to golden yellow, a deep oceanic blue, to a vibrant green, it can be hard to work out how to Complement these gemstones when you’re wearing them. In this latest blog by Jason Ree, we’ll explore five ways to complement your Australian sapphire jewellery.

Choose the Right Metal For Both the Stone and You

The great thing about sapphires is that they are complemented by both gold and silver metals. At Jason Ree, we understand that many people have a firm favourite when it comes to the two most popular jewellery metals, and quite often a lot of what you wear is dictated by whether it’s gold or silver set. 

Thankfully, sapphires, no matter what their colour, are Complemented by both metals. So you can choose your jewellery piece depending on your favourite metal and enjoy wearing your sapphire gemstones.

We recommend choosing both a stone and metal that complements your skin tone: this way, no matter the season, weather, or month, your jewellery will shine.

marquis Australian sapphire ring

Wear Colours that Complement the Sapphire

Sapphires can be easily complemented by other colours.
As you may or may not know, this spectacular gemstone comes in an array of different colours, so it’s far more versatile than you might immediately think. The most popular sapphire colour is, of course, a royal blue, but it can be yellow, turquoise, green, and varying shades in between these hues too.
Different colours can illuminate different shades, so depending on your sapphire, you might want to choose colours that create a contrast and add a complementary tone to the gemstone. Or, be bold! Clash your colours and let your sapphire create the statement. It’s entirely up to you!
Australian sapphire necklace

Just Like a Sapphire, Never Dull Your Sparkle

Australian sapphires are renowned for their brilliance and clarity: if you invest in a gemstone like a sapphire, you’ll be rewarded with their gorgeous, light-catching sparkle. 
Of course, maintaining a sapphire’s sparkle is important, but you can do this by taking care of your jewellery piece. As with any gemstone, sapphire pieces can have a build-up of grime and dirt around the main stones depending on their environmental exposure and daily activities. 
If you experience this, the best thing to do is to soak your sapphire jewellery piece in a dish of warm soapy water and clean it using a soft toothbrush: this will remove any built-up residue. Simply then dry it using soft cotton or jewellery cloth.
An alternative method of cleaning is to have it done professionally. This will ensure that the stone is cleaned properly and safely. At Jason Ree, we offer Complementary lifetime cleaning and stone security inspection to ensure your sapphire remains safe and sparkling forever.
Australian sapphire necklace cluster

We love working with sapphires for engagement and wedding jewellery in particular. No matter how you wear your Australian sapphire, we know it’ll look beautiful. Sapphires are an incredible gemstone, thanks to their array of colours and versatility as a stone. Wear them around your neck, your wrist, or as a beautiful ring, and let the stones speak for themselves. Sapphires tell a story, one we are always interested in bringing to life!

Fall in love with our signature Australian Sapphire pieces here or get started in designing the perfect custom piece by opting for the Bespoke Experience with Jason Ree today.