Understanding the True Value of Mokume Gane

Understanding the True Value of Mokume Gane

Mokume Gane is an ancient art form: dating back 300 years, it’s originally a Japanese technique used to create the samurai’s sword handle. Now at Jason Ree, we’re proud to use this masterful practice to produce unique jewellery pieces. Created from multiple layers of steel, gold, and silver that are then folded together by hand in a complex forging process, the finishing touches are the unique patterns created on the metal’s surface. 

At Jason Ree, we’re immensely proud of this art form in our jewellery collection. It’s full of history and significance. This blog will be all about understanding the true value of Mokume Gane.

Where does the name Mokume Gane come from?

The name “Mokume Gane” is Japanese, and translates to “wood eye metal” which reflects the intricate art detailing on the metal surface of the jewellery. The art form derived from the 17th century, when Japanese swordsmiths would curate samurai swords.

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How is Mokume Gane made?

Traditional Mokume is formed by layering and fusing precious metals together, before making patterns through carving, twisting, and forging.
Mokume Gane can be broken down into two categories, based on the metals that its made with. There’s base metal and noble metal Mokume. The latter should be the base of rings and intricate jewellery. If a ring or jewellery piece is made with base metal, there’s a risk of skin irritation, as well as design erosion over time.
For a true, long-lasting Mokume Gane ring, ensure it’s created with a base noble metal: ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, osmium, iridium, platinum, or gold. This way, you can be confident that your ring will be durable, long-lasting, and work well with your skin. All jewellery at Jason Ree is made with noble metals.

Is Mokume Gane the same as Damascus?

Damascus is seen as the original form of Mokume Gane. It was used to create swords in Japan: while it uses the same methods and has the same history as Mokume Gane, the metals it uses makes it different. While Mokume Gane uses noble metals as its base, Damascus uses steel. This means the artwork is in variations of grey, and while Mokume is long-wearing and durable, if Damascus is made from anything other than stainless steel, it will eventually rust.

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Does Mokume Gane tarnish?

At Jason Ree, our Mokume Gane jewellery is crafted for long-lasting wear. Although the metal can tarnish due to its reaction with the environment, we use appropriate techniques and metal combinations to enhance durability and reduce tarnishing, using metals such as gold and silver. Protective coatings can be appplied to prevent tarnishing, and regular care and maintenance can help maintain the jewellery's appearance over time.

What are the popular Mokume Gane styles available at Jason Ree?

We follow three popular styles at Jason Ree for the creation of our Mokume Gane range. Each ring is made to order and entirely unique to the wearer. That being said, we follow traditional methods for our jewellery. These are: 

  • Forged. Our forged range uses an infusion of red heat that creates beautiful, cylindrical shapes that ebb and flow into each other - no two rings are the same. 
  • Twisted. This is a delicate process, using the exact and precise amount of heat, the result on the ring is a beautifully subtle pattern called Starburst. 
  • Twisted and Forged. Here, we combine the twisting technique with the forged pattern to create an explosion of effects to a beautiful result.
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Rings can be made in parallel to each other, making them the perfect choice for wedding rings if you’re a couple looking for a symbol of your everlasting love.

There’s no better choice to symbolize ever-lasting love than a Mokume Gane wedding or engagement ring. At Jason Ree, we believe that love is everlasting, and so too, will your ring. This is a ring style that is made specifically for you, where even the composition of the metal details who you are, how you met, and your love story. At Jason Ree, we believe that love is everlasting, and so too, will your ring.

Embark on a personalised journey to craft a timeless symbol of your love by choosing a bespoke Mokume Gane ring from Jason Ree. Book a Mokume Gane Conversation with our artisan jewellers to kick-start the process of designing your custom piece. Our team will listen to your story and brainstorm ways to incorporate your individual characteristics into the jewellery, resulting in a one-of-a-kind creation. Start your journey with us today