Unique Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Unique Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

Wedding anniversaries are a time to be celebrated: a moment to reminisce on your special day of promising to forever.

There have long been traditional gifts to commemorate this day; from paper in year one, wood to year five, and tin in year ten, each year comes with its own material. As time passes, traditions change, which means couples now are favouring more unique gifts than the traditional ones.

At Jason Ree, we love to celebrate love in all ways possible and adore celebrating milestones with a piece of jewellery. From necklaces to bracelets, rings and more, there are many ways to commemorate each beautiful year with the one you love.

gold as a wedding anniversary gift ideas

First Anniversary: Celebrate it with Gold

Your first year of marriage marks a true milestone in your relationship, with many exciting moments still to come. Traditionally celebrated with paper, this anniversary is one of the most magical of all.

A modern way to celebrate this anniversary is with gold: a classic metal loved by many, choose to wear it in whichever way you and your loved one please!

A gold piece of jewellery is the perfect choice. Whether you're considering earrings, a necklace, or any other accessory that complements your wedding rings, the decision on jewellery is a personal one. At Jason Ree, we are passionate about collaborating with you to discover your next dream piece that resonates with your style.

In our workshop we work with a lot of gold jewellery: our handmade and bespoke jewellery is crafted by artisan designers who place their skill into every piece. From the classic yellow gold to the romantic rose gold, our ready-to-wear collections simply have it all.

sapphire ring by jason ree as a 5 year wedding anniversary gift ideas

Fifth Anniversary: Celebrate it with Sapphire

Your fifth wedding anniversary is an exceptional one indeed. Half a decade has passed since you both said “I do”, and yet the magical spark is still alive and well. What better way to celebrate than with the traditional gift of wood: strong foundations built to last forever.

Another, unique way to celebrate this is with sapphire. Sapphire is one of the most durable gemstones, second only to diamond. An incredible stone for a couple that has so many beautiful memories both behind and ahead of them. At Jason Ree, we love working with the incredible Australian sapphire: found throughout this beautiful land, it is an exquisite stone that is truly a remarkable addition to any piece of jewellery.

There are so many sapphires to choose from, which is why it is one of our favourite gemstones to work with. Sapphires can come in blue, aquamarine, green, purple, red, turquoise, and more. It’s truly magnificent and so worthy of representing your five years of love.

diamond bracelet by jason ree as a 10 year wedding anniversary gift ideas

Tenth Anniversary: Celebrate it with a Diamond

Ten whole years. A decade of love celebrated, with still a lifetime to go.

Ten years is traditionally celebrated with tin: a mark of durability, it’s a gift that has spanned generations. However, as times change and new traditions emerge, one particularly durable stone is being gifted instead. The diamond.

A diamond is one of the most durable materials on the planet, which we believe makes the perfect symbol of ten years of love. At Jason Ree, we love working with such beautiful stones: diamonds can come in an array of cuts and colours, from the iconic white diamond to the equally beautiful but lesser-known colours like champagne, salt and pepper, and yellow.

Anniversaries are more than just a date on a calendar; they’re a mark of love. Whether you are in your first year of marriage, or celebrating your fiftieth, there is a stone that can be used to symbolise this moment in time. At Jason Ree, we love to celebrate love by creating bespoke pieces that signify all important moments in time. To find out more about our work, Book a Conversation, or browse our Ready to Wear collections.