Why Choose A Platinum Engagement Ring

Why Choose A Platinum Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring is such an exciting and important part of your love story. It is a representation of your love, a stone, and a style that you both adore, and designed and made to last forever. That’s why a platinum engagement ring is a great choice for your engagement ring: whether you are choosing the style together, or surprising your loved one in the moment, you can’t go wrong with platinum as your choice of metal. This metal is renowned for its everlasting quality, which can also be seen as a symbol of your eternal commitment to loving each other. It also represents being the “best of the best” and is now typically a more popular choice than a gold-set ring. Read on to discover more about why you should choose a platinum engagement ring.

Platinum is both Strong and Durable

Platinum is renowned for its strength and durability. It’s the third highest density of all the elements, making it significantly stronger than gold. This means you can wear your engagement ring every day even with the most arduous of tasks and it will still look as fabulous as the day it was first worn on your wedding finger.

Platinum engagement rings are designed to stand the test of time - and what better way to symbolise your love than with this style ring? What makes this style of ring even more special, is that it can be passed down through generations, so that your love story can continue for many lifetimes to come. 

Platinum is a dense metal, which means it’ll be sturdier and feel heavier while on your ring finger. This additional weight can bring a sense of security: your ring is for life, and what better sense of comfort than always being able to feel it while wearing it! 

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Platinum will Make your Hand Sparkle

Platinum boasts the most beautiful white colour that will last as long as time. We know that perhaps choosing a white gold ring is tempting: it’s a beautiful colour, and slightly cheaper in price. But, gold doesn’t have the same properties as platinum, and the white colour you seek won’t last as long as platinum does. 

The naturally elegant colour will make any stone you choose for your ring dazzle: it provides a classic and beautiful finish to any diamond or gemstone centrepiece. Plus, the metal will enhance the brightness of the gemstones, enhancing the visual look and overall appeal of your ring. 

Platinum is Hypoallergenic

Platinum is a highly sought-after hypoallergenic metal with a purity percentage of 90-95%. In contrast, gold is a precious metal that's beloved for its beautiful lustre and malleability. However, because gold is relatively soft, it's often mixed with an alloy to increase its durability and make it suitable for everyday wear. While gold alloys are generally safe for most people, some individuals with sensitive skin may experience reactions over time. For those with sensitive skin, platinum is the perfect option to ensure that your engagement ring brings joy and comfort for a lifetime.

Platinum, just like diamonds, is forever

Platinum requires low maintenance, which means it doesn’t need additional plating. Caring for the engagement ring is simple: use a soft toothbrush or a clean cloth to maintain and give your ring its sparkle.

Choosing an engagement ring is making a choice for a lifetime to come, and while it’s known that diamonds are forever, you want a metal that’ll stand the test of time too. That’s why platinum rings are a popular choice for engagement rings. 

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