Why Choose a Sapphire Engagement Ring?

Why Choose a Sapphire Engagement Ring?
Diamonds are a girl's best friend, or so we have been told. . .
But is it actually true?
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Choosing the perfect engagement ring can seem overwhelming at the best of times and downright daunting at others.
Increasingly, more and more couples are moving away from the traditional diamond ring and embracing alternative engagement options. Sapphires, in particular, are making their way into the spotlight - and for good reason.
Here are a few things we love about Sapphires:
Hardness and Durability
Sapphires are the second hardest (after Diamond) naturally occurring stone on earth, scoring a 9 on Mohs hardness scale. They are well suited to everyday wear and are more durable than other coloured gemstones.
Sapphires come in a huge variety of colours and hues including white, pink, yellow, orange, purple, green and, of course, blue.
From the deep royal blue of a Ceylon to the peach tones of a Padparadscha, a sapphire can be found to suit any skin tone.
Sapphires are made up of corundum and different amounts of trace elements create vivid, intense colours. Some stones change from one colour to another depending on the light, known as Colour Change Sapphires.
Sapphires have a lot of personality.
Not only do they come in a whole range of unique colours, but some Australian stones (known as Parti Sapphires) also have a two or three-colour blend.
No two stones are the same!
Sapphires tend to be more affordable than Diamonds. For the same price, it is possible to get a larger stone.
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