Why Choose Mokume Wedding Rings?

Why Choose Mokume Wedding Rings?

Mokume Gane, the heart of the warrior, craftsmanship dating back to medieval Japan, the ultimate form of union. It is the careful process of blending different brightly colored metals under pressure and high heat. The bespoke nature of the process ensures that no two pieces are the same. At Jason Ree we specialise in Mokume Gane pieces that capture the incredible inspirations of Australian flora and fauna, but also the bespoke details of your own piece. In particular, bespoke Mokume wedding rings.


Mokume Gane, like marriage, is a powerful story of union. A marriage brings together two individuals, bringing all their colours, strengths and weaknesses together as one. Mokume does the same, but with metals instead of people. At Jason Ree you are involved in every step and conversation of the process so that your piece is bespoke down to the most minute detail.


The elements

At Jason Ree we love to push the boundaries, we combine the most brilliant metals in our Mokume blends, including Rose Gold, Palladium, Yellow Gold, Green Gold and Silver. For our wedding rings we also attach beautiful Australian gemstones such as Black Opals and Sapphires.

Bespoke design

Our wedding ring design process is a bespoke procedure that allows us to take your ideas and inspirations, breathing life and creativity into them and hammering them into physicality. You choose the ingredients of your perfect Mokume ring, we work with you to develop a design and then we pour our craftsmanship and care into creating your ultimate bespoke wedding ring.

Why should you choose Mokume?

We offer many beautiful pieces at Jason Ree, bespoke earrings, pendants and rings of all shapes and colours are our bread and butter. But Mokume is where our craftsmanship really starts to shine, our Mokume mens wedding bands are our magnum opus, and we think it’s perfectly suited for our male clients. The lineage of the Mokume practice is visible in the tiny details, the perfect imperfections of authentic craftsmanship.

For the perfect metaphor of union, of love and of strength, choose Mokume Gane for your bespoke wedding rings. Book your design conversation today with Jason Ree Jewellery.