Why Men are Choosing Mokume-Gane

Why Men are Choosing Mokume-Gane

It began in the mountains of Northwest Japan, in a small metal forge, approximately 400 years ago. Little written information survived the march of time, but we know something incredible happened here.

A new kind of metalworking was invented, with a focus on artistry over strength. For centuries Japan had been locked in endless wars and power struggles, and as peace reigned, the forges became more focused on artistry and symbols of war than weapons of war.

Mokume Gane making

By heating and blending a mix of colourful metals in a charcoal forge, metalworkers and treasure-smiths create something truly breathtaking, Mokume Gane. The heart of the warrior.

What is Mokume Gane?

The technique has evolved over the centuries to include new technologies and metals, but the forging technique used at Jason Ree Design remains largely unchanged. 

The varying metals used in Mokume Gane, and the miniscule differences in forging conditions make for surprising features that make each individual ring completely unique from the rest. It is truly a bespoke process from start to finish.

Why do our Male clients connect with Mokume?

Well for starters, a great amount of effort has been put into formalising a design process, you are just as much a part of the piece as the metals. 

“It's a process of discovering what colours look good with someone's skin tone and then what scale they like with the band”, says Jason. 

Another appealing element of Mokume is the artisanal forging process. 

“There's metallurgy that goes on throughout the whole process. There's lots of hammering, there's lots of fire.” 

There is something to be said for seeing the process happen, the knowledge of the energy and forces involved in crafting your piece. Mokume makes the perfect Wedding Bands for Men.

Mokume Gane

The Australian Inspiration 

“These rings are absolutely spectacular, and each deeply unique and bespoke. They aren’t like a traditional wedding band. They have been hand tailored and forged from start to finish to capture our customer. No two rings are ever the same.”

As with all his collections, Jason takes inspiration from the beautiful Australian bush around us: “the Iron Bark has got that really lovely red colour. Banksia uses that green colour. And Sassafrass has got sort of a honey colour too.”

Mokume Gane Rings

Jason is referring to the different colour palettes available for Mokume Gane Rings at Jason Ree Design. There are multiple ‘flavours’ to our Mokume rings, some of them Ironbark, Banksia and Sassafrass, each named after native Australian trees. 

If you are looking for your first custom-made jewellery experience, or a truly unique design for Mokume Gane Wedding Bands, look no further than the Mokume Gane collection at Jason Ree Design. 

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