About Australian Sapphires

From rugged sandstone coastline to blue azure waters and vibrant greens of eucalypts, Australia is a land of startling contrasts and great beauty.

Australian Sapphires are just as varied and come in all the colours found in our native landscape - bright yellows, deep blues, moody teals, vivid greens and any mix in between.

Here at Jason Ree we are absolutely starry-eyed for Aussie Sapphires.

Each stone we have has been carefully handpicked by us and no two stones are ever exactly alike.

Our Gemmologist Natasha has a deep love and passion for Australian stones and has been collecting them since she was 7 years old panning for gems with her father. She has a keen eye for quality and keeps her eyes peeled for the brightest, most beautiful stones.

There is no commercial mining of Sapphires in Australia. Instead, they are found by individual fossickers panning riverbeds in South-West QLD & North-West NSW. On-going drought in Australia has meant that they are increasingly hard to find.

Recent years has seen a steady drop in supply in the face of ever-increasing demand.

Each stone is cut specially from the rough crystal to best display its beauty and uniqueness.

Each stone is precious, unique and to be treasured.

We have a large selection of loose stones in store, as well as ready-to-wear pieces featuring Aussie Sapphires.

The design process begins with the stone as we work to pair design and form with the natural beauty of the Sapphire.