Gem Selection

The Jason Ree experience is a creative collaboration between emotion and art. As Emotional Distillers and Treasure-smiths, we work to draw out your passion and immortalise it in an heirloom fit for generations to come.

Each stone has been specially selected by us for its vibrant colour, optimum quality and cut.

We have a huge range of rare and wonderful diamonds, sapphires, opals and other gemstones in store, and can source anything from the classic beauties to fancy shapes and colours.

Australian Sapphires 

We specialise in Australian Sapphires; their alluring colour, brilliance and individuality make for the perfect engagement ring.

Sapphires have a lot of personality. They come in a huge variety of intense colours and vivid hues including white, pink, yellow, orange, purple, green and, of course, blue - no two are the same, some can even have a two or three-colour blend. 

Like all sapphires, Australian Sapphires have an unmatched durability; they have a hardness rating of 9 on the Moh scale making them the second hardest natural substance after diamonds. 

Sapphires tend to be more affordable than Diamonds. For the same price it is possible to get a larger stone.

Australian Opals 

Opal is composed of microscopic stacked spheres of silica that distill light into a vibrant array of colours and patterns, unlike any other gem.

It is one of the most distinctive stones to be mined from the earth, where Australia produces upwards of 97% of the world’s supply of Opal and is famous for the beautiful variety of stones.

Each stone is cut specially from the rough crystal to best display its beauty and uniqueness.