Hand Crafting Process

Design consultation

Designing your bespoke piece of jewellery begins with a consultation to lay out the groundwork of the design and gather an understanding of who we are creating for.

 We hear your story and explore what we want to capture in your bespoke piece of jewellery. We delve into your ideal design and hone in on the desired stone type/shape/size/colour to work out any other finer details.

Choosing your stone

Once we establish a general design, we then work with you to source the perfect stone, taking into consideration the wearer's lifestyle and personal style. 

We have a huge range of rare and wonderful diamonds, sapphire, opal or semi-precious stones and other gemstones in store, and can source anything from the classic beauties to fancy shapes and colours. Our designers will provide several options to choose from based on our conversations and proposed budget.  

Initial design sketches 

We draft some initial sketches to capture the finer design points and visualise the design from every angle, with the opportunity to alter and redesign if it looks different on paper to what it does in your mind.

Reviewing your final design

Once we have settled on a design and stone, we will send you a final quote outlining all of the details for your confirmation.


Crafting bespoke pieces require the highest level of skill and intricacy. Meticulous care is taken with each part of the piece, using ancient and modern techniques combined to create the strongest, most beautiful piece we can.

Our specialised bespoke designers ensure each stone is set in place perfectly for optimal presentation and security.

Throughout the hand crafting process, we touch base with our clients regularly to ensure all expectations are met along the way.

Crafting an heirloom is a joyous experience for us, and to share the feeling we take photos to put in an online portfolio that we gift to you once you have seen the ring.