We feel your pain.....we like them all too!
To see which colours look best on you, download our Mokume widths page and try on each hand a colour combination you are considering.

Your skintone will be influential in choosing what looks best on you, but keep in mind that different patterns will show different quantities of metal, e.g Forge pattern shows bigger 'blobs' of colour then the Twist pattern.

We usually brush the Mokume rings, as it shows the contrast of different colours and patterns best.

When you Polish the Mokume Gane rings the pattern is much more subtle.

You can choose either finish for your ring and also change your mind at a later date.

Generally we make down to 3 or 3.5mm as otherwise you cannot really see enough of the Mokume pattern.

We offer free engraving and lifetime upkeep of your Mokume rings. You can drop your rings in to us to bring them back to their best. We can engrave ANY font inside your rings including your own handwriting, finger prints or any other image that is special to you.

Every ring we make is made to order so before getting started we like to be sure you're choosing just the right ring. This also enables us to give you the very best price depending on any changes in precious metal prices.

You will notice many of our rings have a single metal sleeve around the inside of each Mokume ring.

Mokume is about two thirds of the thickness, the other third being the inner sleeve. We do this for a few reasons.
Firstly it means that the Mokume part of the ring is compressed further which increases the amount of pattern shown on the surface of the ring.

Secondly the visual contrast of a single colour on the inside actually accentuates the organic patterns on the outside. You can choose any coloured metal sleeve to have on the inside.
If you would like to have a solid mokume ring then this can also be arranged, just ask!