"Made for a Warrior. True love is always worth fighting for."

We are proud to boast the largest selection of precious metal Mokume-Gane men's wedding bands the world has to offer, attributing it to our thirst for knowledge and creation as we embark on this labour-intensive adventure.

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Each mix is named after a tree that shares common colours with the golds, to tie back into the beautiful mokume pattern within the wood grain metal.

What is Mokume-Gane?

Mokume-Gane techniques combines heat, pressure and hand forging. The complicated techniques used allow for the guarantee that no ring will look the same.

The hand made nature of this style means that no two mokume rings can be identical, creating an absolutely unique ring, ideal for an heirloom.

Our Mokume-Gane is available to be custom made for your finger size, preferred width and style - and can be used for men's wedding bands, wedding rings, engagement rings or any type of dress jewellery.

The History

At Jason Ree, we’re passionate about crafting bespoke pieces to bring moments of love to life, which is why we've chosen the ancient Japanese love haiku to illustrate the unique and exceptional substance that is Mokume-Gane.

The origin of Mokume-Gane was a bit more violent though. Developed in Japan in the late 1600's, the technique was created to make parts of the handle for the samurai's sword.
'Mokume' translates to "wood eye" which refers to the Burl type of wood grain and Gane means "Metal".

The beautiful patterns would reflect similar patterns in the sword blade and the quality and amount of decoration of the swords handle was an indicator of one’s social status and wealth.

The finished result is a unique pattern of precious metals merged together creating a topographical map.

No wonder we have seen it's popularity for jewellery, especially wedding bands, gaining momentum over the last few years, as it beautifully symbolises the entwined love of two people.

Jason Ree is one of the few jewellers in Australia who can do the highly labour intensive process of creating a Mokume-Gane ring.

It involves clamping around 10-30 layers of metals between steel blocks and heating the resulting stack in a kiln allowing the layers to fuse but not to melt.

The resulting stack of platinum, gold, palladium and silver is then forged and rolled to reduce its thickness.

The finished result is a unique pattern of precious metals merged together creating a topographical map; a beautiful testament to two souls coming together.

Here are some of our most popular styles, featured across our website:

Forged: Beautiful cylindrical shapes, ebbing and flowing into the other, with the infusion of red heat where no two rings are ever the same.

Twisted: Twisting the pattern into your ring is a delicate process, with just the right amount of heat, this pattern of precious metals is beautifully subtle.

Twisted and Forged: We combine the unique forged pattern with the flow of our twisting technique to craft a multitude of effects and styles.

Starburst: As an offshoot of the Twisted pattern, this styles brings some symmetry to the fold of metals to create more of a cohesive and balanced pattern.

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