A Guide to Diamond and Sapphire Rings

A Guide to Diamond and Sapphire Rings

Combining two of the most popular and beautiful stones, a diamond and sapphire ring is a fantastic choice for an engagement ring. Engagements are a promise of eternal love. Together these two gemstones not only are durable and long-lasting, but each has its own meaning and purpose, and when combined they can be the perfect centrepiece for your love story.

At Jason Ree, we love to create rings that tell stories, and your story is always worth telling. If your or your partner’s dream ring is a sapphire and diamond one, read ahead to learn more about these beautiful stones.

Ceylon blue sapphire and diamond ring

What are the Meanings Behind Diamonds and Sapphires?

While both a diamond and a sapphire are equally as beautiful, that’s not the only reason they are chosen as symbols of love for many couples. The meaning behind each stone is what makes them even more special.

Diamonds have plenty of meanings behind them: the firm favourite for engagement rings worldwide, they are an everlasting symbol of eternal love. Referred to by the Ancient Greeks as “adamas”, meaning unconquerable, diamonds have a long history of being associated with invincibility: diamonds are forever, as the saying goes.

This association with invincibility and being around forever goes well with the diamond’s symbol of eternal love. By proposing with an engagement ring made with a diamond, you are wanting your marital bond to be unbreakable. 

Sapphires also come with great meaning and history. Known for their association with romantic love, they typically represent fidelity and romantic devotion, which makes them a beautiful choice as a standalone gemstone or combined with a diamond.

Marquis style engagement ring

What are the Benefits of Wearing a Diamond and Sapphire Ring?

There are many benefits to choosing a diamond and sapphire ring. Whether it be a gift for yourself, a gift for a loved one, or an engagement ring, these two stones are a fantastic choice.

The durability of these two stones is unmatched. Diamond is the world’s hardest natural gemstone, and sapphire is second. This means that your jewellery piece can be worn every day with ease, and will be safe from the wear and tear you might see on other gemstones. It’ll be less prone to damage, chips, and scratches, which is a great choice for an engagement ring.

Diamonds and sapphires also work well with both yellow, rose gold and silver tones. This means that it will work set against all metal types: meaning that if you are warm-toned or cool-toned, these stones will work well on your hand.

Sapphires are also unique in the fact that they come in many different colour hues. From the deepest of ocean blues to sparkling turquoise, vivid green, golden and even pinks in some instances, the variety in a sapphire is unparalleled to other gemstones. Whatever type of sapphire you choose, it’ll contrast beautifully with the clear cut of the diamond.

Finally, the stones can be cut in different ways depending on how you want your ring to look. From an emerald cut to oval, round to marquis, both stones look incredible in a variety of ways, including toi et moi, marquis, and three-stone settings. 

How to Choose Your Ideal Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring 

One of the things we love about sapphires is that no two stones are the same: each one is unique, even if they have the same colour. This means that no matter which ring you choose, it will be a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery.

Probably the main choice you’ll have to make when choosing your diamond and sapphire engagement ring is which stone you’d like to have as the centrepiece. These rings work wonderfully both ways, with the diamond surrounded by sapphires, and vice versa. They also work in the toi et moi setting, or a more cluster-style setting - the beauty of these stones together is simply unmatched.

At Jason Ree, we have a wide range of ready-to-wear diamond and sapphire engagement rings available, and each one will be entirely unique to you and your love story. However, if you did want to design your own, perhaps book in a conversation with us: we can listen to your love story and create a piece entirely for you as the ultimate symbol of your everlasting love. 

Book your conversation with Jason Ree today, or browse our Ready-to-Wear collection for your perfect piece.