A Guide to Men’s Wedding Rings

A Guide to Men’s Wedding Rings

There’s simply nothing to compare to the excitement of planning your wedding, and wedding rings are a vital element of that.

They’re a symbol of everlasting love for both partners: men’s wedding rings promise to be worn every day as a declaration, a promise, and a vow. While a lot of emphasis is placed on engagement rings and women’s wedding rings, at Jason Ree, we believe that men’s wedding rings are just as important, which is why we specialise in creating stunning and unique pieces of jewellery designed just for this.

While men used to have a simple band, nowadays there are a lot more designs available, so read on to learn more about men’s wedding rings.

The Different Metals for Men’s Wedding Rings

Men’s wedding rings can be created from a variety of metals, so it just depends on your own personal preferences, as well as your future spouses!

Yellow gold is a classic choice: made from alloyed gold, it can come in a variety of karats depending on the durability and hardness you’d need. Yellow gold is a traditional ring metal and one that we love to work with. 

White gold is a stunning alternative to the more traditional yellow gold: the alloyed metal is one that can not only enhance the strength of the gold, but also makes it much brighter and lighter in colour.

Platinum is another hugely popular choice: a hard metal, it gives a bright and light appearance while remaining extremely durable. It’s a perfect choice for those that work with their hands, like in a trade, for example

mokume gane wedding ring

The Different Styles for Men’s Wedding Rings

At Jason Ree, we believe that men’s wedding rings deserve to be entirely unique to the reader. 

There are many different styles available for men’s wedding rings like the classic style, carved, diamond, and alternative. 

We specialise in a historic craft called Mokume Gane: Derived from Japan 400 years ago, this is the same technique used to forge Samurai swords. 

Mokume Gane wedding rings are a popular wedding ring choice with our male customers, as they aren’t traditional wedding bands. Instead, using ancient techniques, they’re hand-tailored and forged from start to finish to capture our customers’ stories, meaning no two rings are ever the same. We truly believe that it is the perfect way to craft a ring unique to you and your love story.

The Different Finishes for Men’s Wedding Rings

Men’s wedding rings are able to have different textures depending on the way they are finished. It’s entirely up to the wearer as to how they’d like their final ring to look. Certain styles include:

  • Polished - This is a classic and traditional choice, where the metal is polished to create a shiny look ready for not only the Big Day but also a lifetime afterwards. The metal will look shiny and polished.
  • Brushed -  This technique leaves light brush strokes on the ring, giving a textured finish. It’s thought of as a clever choice for those working in active jobs and lifestyles, as this finish hides dents and wear and tear relatively well.
  • Hammered - The hammered finish is perfect for those wanting a more contemporary look. It’s created using a specialised jewellery hammer: and the end result is a speckled-like appearance. 
  • Satin - This is a great choice for those who want a more stylised look than polished, but still have an element of tradition.

At Jason Ree, we specialise in men’s Mokume Gane jewellery, a beautiful and historic art form that encapsulates the love story of the wearer. If you’d like to create your bespoke piece, Book a Conversation with Jason Ree, today.