All About Jason Ree Collections

All About Jason Ree Collections

Unique, yet timeless. Visionary, yet classic. 

As artisanal jewellers who delight in creativity and skill, the team at Jason Ree are deeply experienced when it comes to creating handmade engagement rings or custom jewellery pieces to mark a special occasion or bring your ideas to life. But with inspiration all around us, we also have several jewellery collections available for you to select from online or in person at our Sydney jewellery workshop. We love when a precious piece of our imagination speaks to something within yours. Learn more about the inspirations and influences behind each of our unique but timeless jewellery collections here.

Art Deco Jewelly Collection

Art Deco Jewellery Collection

Originating from France just before the ‘Roaring Twenties’, the Art Deco design era influenced everything from architecture, to fashion, to furniture and of course, jewellery. Combining modern styles and graphic, geometric shapes with fine craftsmanship and rich materials, Art Deco represented luxury, exuberance and more than a little Joie de Vivre. Bring a piece of ‘20s glamour to your look with a baguette or lozenge cut ring designed to catch the light, or select a necklace set with Australian Sapphires, opulent Diamonds and precious gems like Aquamarine or tourmaline. 


Chevron Jewellery Collection

Where form and function converge. Jason Ree Chevron collection jewellery pieces are inspired by the minimalist Art Deco 'Bauhaus' movement. Small but mighty, they ooze with understated luxury, combining a bold mixture of textures and colours. Imagine: the smooth lustre of a freshwater pearl… the icy bright glow of an emerald cut Aquamarine… warm matte gold with a rich mulled wine Rhodolite garnet…

Cocktail Jewelly Collection

Cocktail Jewellery Collection

Raise your cocktail glass, take a sip and you’ll fall head over heels for the Jason Ree Cocktail jewellery collection, handmade right here in Australia. This playful collection of gorgeous sapphire and diamond rings are perfect for significant celebrations and result in a special engagement ring made for standing out from the crowd. Named after classics like the Bellini and the Manhattan, with each stone hand-picked for rarity, clarity and integrity, each design perfectly compliments the flavour of the Sapphire, like Peach Sapphire, Apricot Sapphire or even Orange. 


Cosmic Cloud Jewellery Collection

This collection of handmade rings feature fine Australian Sapphires and Diamonds that will bestow a little starlight on your fingers and bring a little sparkle to your step. Inspired by the Cosmos, our Cosmic Cloud engagement rings illustrate the mythical beauty of individual constellations in the Milky Way like the Wreath Nebula and Polaris Nebula. Find a wedding ring design that captures the gaze like the brightest star in the sky from the Cosmic Cloud collection. 

GumLeaf Jewellery Collection

GumLeaf Jewellery Collection

Forever part of our collective landscape, we are always inspired by the nature of Australia. The local green, blue and orange sapphires featured on a bracelet, ring or necklaces from our GumLeaf collection are flanked by the elegant and iconic curved shape of the GumLeaf. A celebration of ‘home’, these handmade jewellery pieces suit those with a bohemian air and a love of the outdoors. The Opals provide a meaningful gift for an October birthday. 

HighWire Jewellery Collection

HighWire Jewellery Collection

A Jason Ree favourite, the classic HighWire handmade engagement ring highlights the beauty of a single solitaire stone. Four fine polished claws on a low-to-the-finger setting and a rounded fine band give the design a timeless but modern and wearable appeal. The original collection has grown to include “trilogy” designs featuring a cluster of stones celebrating the unique colours found in our local sapphires like blue, teal or peach. Perfectly balanced, bold and beautiful. 

Kivi Jewellery Collection

Kivi Jewellery Collection

Earthy and raw. Tough but elegant. If you’re looking for distinctive handmade earrings or bespoke rings to bring an edge to your look, Australian jewellery designer Jason Ree’s Kivi Collection is the ideal choice. Sandblasted by hand, the faceted matte metallic textures reflect the light with subdued but eye-catching style complementing the feminine beauty of the stones. Choose a piece with an Australian sapphire or unique Argyle pink diamond for a glamorous feel; add understated elegance with a bronze south sea pearl, or a peacock green Tahitian pearl.


Mosaic Jewellery Collection

Inspired by the popular Mosaic technique of the Ancient Roman world, our latest collection lends itself to the fashionable layering or stacking jewellery trend. Exploring the relationship between colours and shapes, Mosaic jewellery pieces capture eyes and hearts just like ancient Greek and Roman mosaics have for centuries. Glistening sapphires in bright jewel tones of pink, purples and orange, alongside aquamarines, garnets and diamonds are daintily cut into baguette shapes to echo the distinctive Mosaic effect. Each of these handmade rings and earrings can be stacked together for a trendy and contemporary feel, or worn alone as a striking engagement ring with classical sophistication.


Mokume-Gane Jewellery Collection

"Made for a Warrior. True love is always worth fighting for". Mokume-Gane is a complex technique combining heat, pressure and hand forging. The complicated technique results in a unique pattern of precious metals merged together to create a wood grain pattern - a beautiful testament to two souls coming together. This completely bespoke jewellery collection is a popular choice for men’s wedding bands and unique engagement rings as well as handmade designer jewellery pieces for a modern bride or groom. The precious metal mixtures of rose, yellow, green and white golds along with rare palladium and platinum alloys and Argentina silver set off brilliant diamonds, sapphires or opals for a slightly different effect from every angle.