From Inspiration to Award-Winning Results

From Inspiration to Award-Winning Results

There is a lot more to Jason Ree Jewellery than meets the eye. The process of creating a one of a kind jewellery piece and an award winning piece can take hundreds of hours. And if you count the inspiration, it goes back much, much longer.

Whilst creating bespoke jewellery unique to a customer is a large and loved component of Jason Ree Designs, Jason is also an award winning craftsmanship that continuously is pushing design innovation to produce magical pieces one can buy in-store or online

The inspiration behind the designs 

Australian Jewellery Designer

Jason takes a lot of his inspiration from the colours and hues of the Australian landscape. 

Jason draws most of his inspiration from the natural world, the flora and fauna of this amazing continent on which we live. As an artist, Jason strives above all else to strike creative gold: 

Each time we do a piece, it doesn't have to be front and centre of the design. But it has to be something that we haven't done before. That we don't think anyone else has done before.”

Australian Jewelry designs

If you’re looking for a deeply unique ring, browse our collection and book in a design conversation today. 

To capture the immense detail and minute complexities of a natural object takes considerable time and craftsmanship. Take a classic image, the sandstone headlands of Sydney Harbour. Most of that stone was first laid down as Sediment in the Triassic era, almost 200 million years ago. 

Immense time and pressure carved the history of life and geology on Earth into those rocks, having been exposed to the waves for at least 40 million years. It is that complexity that inspires Jason to create the pieces he prides himself upon: 

It could be just a texture that you see in the environment. It could be a shape that you see that you then want to try to articulate with precious metals. And so that in itself creates a challenge, how do I make a Sydney Harbour cliff face into a ring?”

Jason Ree Design Awards

Jason channeled the energies of the Australian bush into his piece Kikkou, which was a winner in the Mens Jewellery & Accessories category of the 2019 Jewellery Design Awards, alongside his earring piece titled Sandstorm which was a finalist in the Australian Opal Awards category.

His stunning piece ‘Lepidopterist’ which translates to ‘one who studies moths’ is an incredible necklace with a labour of over 10,000 thousand hours, and is inspired by the combinations, textures and features of a rare moth in Far North Queensland.   

Jason is a rare exception as a treasure smith, as a winner of multiple JDA awards, his work sets the bar of Australian jewellery design and creativity.

Australian Jewellery designs

 Jason Ree Design also sells beautiful, and unique pieces both in their store at the Rocks and online. 

So, how can Jason design YOUR piece? We have a variety of pre designed pieces, and you may be surprised by what we have on offer:   

I also get to make jewellery for a customer that doesn't exist yet.  And it's so flattering when someone walks in the store, and looks at this thing that I made. And they fall in love with it! 

Whether we design you a bespoke piece from scratch, or we offer our range of premade one of a kind pieces, you’re bound to find something incredible at Jason Ree Jewellery. Book your conversation today.