Gold Necklaces for Women: The Perfect Holiday Gift

Gold Necklaces for Women: The Perfect Holiday Gift

With the festive season fast approaching, you may be wondering what to buy your special someone this year. Whether your gift is for a best friend, family member, or significant other, gold necklaces make the perfect gift.

A necklace is the most exquisite piece of jewellery. Gold necklaces in particular have long reigned in popularity due to their exquisite colour, popular choice of metal, and historic importance.

The festive season is the perfect time to treat someone to something special, and at Jason Ree, we thoroughly recommend a gold necklace to end the year on a beautiful note. Read ahead to see our recommendations for selecting the perfect necklace for your Christmas gift.

The History of the Gold Necklace

Gold necklaces have been a part of history for centuries: the first gold chain dates back to 4500 BC in Egypt. Initially worn to symbolise wealth and status, gold necklaces (or chains, as they were more commonly known as) didn’t actually grow in popularity until the 18th century. However, once their popularity grew, they quickly became a popular jewellery piece for both men and women, and nowadays make the most special gift. 

Nowadays, you can buy all types of gold necklaces, from long, draping ones to shorter choker styles. Our blog on “How to Choose the Right Necklace Length” details the differing lengths and how to choose the right style.

white gold and aquamarine necklace

How to Choose the Right Type of Gold for Your Necklace

Typically when people think of “gold”, they see yellow gold: arguably the most famous hue, this colour is renowned for its golden appearance and popularity. 

However, at Jason Ree, we work with three types of gold: yellow, white, and rose. Let’s take a deeper look at the three hues to see which would work best for your festive gift: 

  • Yellow Gold: this is the most popular hue of gold, and it’s perfect for those who want to be draped in sunshine. 
  • White Gold: this gold is a great choice to compliment blue and green stones, to allow the gemstone to shine and create a beautiful contrast. 
  • Rose Gold: this gold is reminiscent of vintage jewellery, sunsets and sunrises: a beautiful choice for a romantic person!

Necklace chain width is also important to keep in mind: does your wearer wear thin or thick necklaces? Simple chains or more intricate? Keep these ideas in mind when browsing through different collections.

pink gemstone gold necklace

Gold Necklace: Simplicity versus Ornate

The beauty of necklaces is that they can be entirely unique to the wearer. 

Gold necklaces can be incredibly simple, and this is where they hold extensive beauty. No matter what tone or type of gold you choose; yellow, white, or rose, a simple gold chain can be the perfect choice for someone who wants an understated, everyday-wear necklace. 

Alternatively, necklaces can take centre stage. A statement necklace is a gorgeous choice for a gift: perhaps add the wearer’s birthstone or a gemstone of their favourite colour. The possibilities are endless! At Jason Ree, we love to work with all types of diamonds and gemstones, so make sure to browse our collections.

sapphire gold necklace

Enjoy the process of buying a gold necklace this festive season: browse through our Ready-to-Wear necklace and pendants. Buy a gift that lasts forever!