Top 5 Occasions To Gift Jewellery

Top 5 Reasons To Gift Jewellery

They say life is a collection of moments that are not ours to keep. Some are moments we’d happily forget. But others are so special we’d love to be able to cherish them forever - and we can, with unique and gorgeous jewellery gifts that will always remind us of our special days. 

Luckily, with a piece of bespoke designer jewellery gifted at one of life’s most special moments, it is possible to keep those feelings and emotions alive. With each wear, a meaningful keepsake can evoke the experience, and refresh the memories associated with the moments your heart holds dearest. We think a beautiful piece of designer jewellery is the perfect way to help you celebrate those special moments and ensure they remain close to your heart forever.

Australia-based jewellery designer Jason Ree is proud to have been involved in hundreds of special occasions across the world, and we love hearing all our clients’ incredible individual stories. Here are a few of the favourite gifting moments that a piece of handmade Jason Ree jewellery has elevated into everlasting occasions to carry with us forever.


A year is a long time, and if you’ve been with someone for a whole one, it deserves celebrating. Bespoke jewellery is always a great gift idea for men and women to commemorate a special date in the calendar. Gifting it at the right time shows them the big moments are meaningful to you too, and demonstrates how much they mean to you.

Whether it’s a unique mokume gane ring on the anniversary of a work milestone, or a pair of luxury diamond earrings for a 10th wedding anniversary, Jason Ree has a unique piece to suit whatever the occasion.

Milestone birthday

Birthdays come around once per year but some years deserve special celebrations. Eighteen or twenty-one years might signal the start of adulthood. Thirty might be a decade to reach some new career goals, and build a young family. Fifty laps around the sun deserves celebrating as an achievement in itself.

Handmade fine jewellery is a thoughtful and significant way to ensure the milestone birthdays stand out from the rest, celebrating another year of life and demonstrating the value of your special person.

Push Present

Babies are undoubtedly one of life’s most precious gifts - but the kind that comes with a lot of upkeep and a huge life adjustment! Many new parents find it just as challenging as they do joyful. Gifts traditionally given to new mothers are called ‘push presents’, and they can come from partners, family and friends - anyone wanting to mark the momentous occasion!

After going through the physical strain of giving birth, mothers especially deserve to be treated to something special for conquering such an amazing and beautiful life event. Why not with a precious piece that is for them, and them only? A unique Australian Sapphire or handmade jewellery gift is a thoughtful way to mark the occasion, while also celebrating a new mother with a touch of much-needed luxury.

Eternity Ring

An eternity ring, or promise ring, is usually gifted to a significant other to commemorate a special milestone in a relationship. This could be a number of years of being together, the birth of a new baby, or even moving in together. You don’t have to be married to wear or gift an eternity ring, and they can be worn by both men and women too. We believe that love is what makes the world go round and is always worth celebrating, so Eternity Rings should be far more popular than they are!

Originally developed in Japan in the 1600s, Mokume Gane is a labour intensive and specialised technique that creates a unique pattern of platinum, gold, palladium and silver merged together to create a marbled wood effect. Our selection of completely bespoke Mokume Gane rings would be a stylish and meaningful gift for men who have an eye for a beautiful, artisanal piece of wearable luxury. 

Likewise, for a lady with an eye for a touch of sophisticated sparkle - the Champagne Diamond encrusted “Wave” ring is a statement of everlasting love that can be stacked alongside one of our stunning engagement rings. Alternatively, a delicate gold ring from our Mosaic Collection featuring an eye-catching sapphire of purple, pink or orange will stand the test of time worn alone, and shine with charm and romance each time you reach for her hand.


The holiday season is everyone’s favourite time of year to both give thanks, and to give gifts of thanks to all the special people in our lives that help to bring us joy all year round.

A handmade ring, a special bracelet or a beautiful necklace is the ideal Christmas gift for those cherished people who make up your inner circle and improve your life every day. Choose a festive red Rhodolite garnet ring for someone who is extra specially passionate about Christmas, or a delicate set of diamond huggies to provide the finishing touch to a ‘curated’ ear.

These five moments are certainly ones to remember. These are the times that inspire poets, musicians and artists, and the stories that are most often told on the silver screen as movies, plays and books. But life itself is worth celebrating, and a statement piece of designer jewellery by Jason Ree will turn an everyday moment into a story of your very own. If you’re looking for luxury gift ideas, a piece of locally made custom jewellery is a guaranteed way to delight the recipient and bring a smile to the face of the wearer. 

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